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Convergence ( (びゃく) (れん) Byakuren?) is a Blood Manipulation attack.


A technique that in which the blood is compressed and condensed to its limit[1] between the palms of user. Then, compressed blood sphere can be used to perform an extension technique. Because it requires time to apply Convergence to blood, user is vulnerable against fast and quick attacks.


Extension Techniques
Piercing Blood (Anime).gif Piercing Blood (穿血 Senketsu?): After using Convergence, the user fires a long ranged beam of blood with extreme flesh piercing capabilities. Used by Noritoshi Kamo and Choso.
Choso using Supernova on Yuji.png Supernova (超新星 Chōshinsei?): After using Convergence to create multiple small orbs of blood, the user has the orbs shoot out in every direction like a buckshot. Created and used by Choso.


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