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Contractual Re-Creation (再契 (さいけっ) (しょう) Saikesshō?) is an innate technique used by Reggie Star. It allows him to reproduce the subject of contracts, such as whatever is written on receipts.


Recepits used for Contractual Re-Creation.

As the name suggests, this technique uses contracts such as receipts to produce anything written on them. This manifests the main subject of the respective receipts, which are generally specific items or services. For example, the user could use a receipt for kitchen knives to summon them as weapons or they could use the receipt for two days at the spa to replenish their stamina.[1]

Things the user re-creates can behave like shikigami. Normal kitchen knives can be ordered to fly through the air at the user's opponent using a simple mental command.[2] However, anything given such a command will disappear soon after completing it.[3]

In order to activate Contractual Re-Creation, the user must apply their cursed energy to the contract and burn it. This makes water a natural countermeasure to this technique. While the print written on contracts will not immediately fade due to getting wet, it will make it impossible to burn it.[4]


Reggie Star optimizes his innate technique by keeping a vast collection of receipts for a wide variety of things. During the Culling Game, many of Reggie's receipts were organized on clothing lines before they were equipped all over his body.

Reggie giving simple commands to his knives.

While fighting Megumi Fushiguro's Divine Dog: Totality, Reggie summoned kitchen knives and stabbed it in the mouth. Alongside his group of sorcerers, Reggie threw two receipts for gas directly at his opponent. This splashed gasoline on Megumi's body, perfectly complementing the explosion that followed using Iori Hazenoki's an innate technique that detonates body parts.[5] Reggie also likely used it to produce two umbrellas that he and Iori used to descend the outside of the building they ambushed Megumi in.[6]

Megumi was able to deduce the basics of Reggie's technique once they got to fight one-on-one. He saw first hand Reggie was able to manifest more kitchen knives and sent them flying directly at the young sorcerer. He also summoned nets to repel Megumi's Rabbit Escape shikigami in the early going as well.

Reggie summoning a means of transportation.

Reggie believes himself to be in a similar position to a shikigami user because of how his technique operates. He does not believe he has any "big moves" to put away his opponents and has to peck away at them over a drawn-out battle instead.[7] This is entirely misleading, as Reggie can summon large automobiles like trucks to break through walls and ram into his opponent.[8]

When Megumi attempted to flee using Nue, Reggie was able to track his position using summoned drones and followed the young sorcerer on an electric scooter.[9] Reggie used unconventional things like potted plants to take his opponent off guard. He summoned them above Megumi and dropped them on the unaware sorcerer's head. Combined with good martial arts skills, Reggie is capable when armed knife and can even hide them inside daikon carrots.[10]

Reggie's unorthodox combination of re-created items and martial arts.

Reggie was still able to fight effectively inside Chimera Shadow Garden despite Megumi's innate technique operating with increased performance. Reggie quickly summoned combat knives to repel the Toad tongues and clashed with Megumi's blade using a machete.[11] While initially overpowered, Reggie realized that if Max Elephant doused him with water, he would be doomed. Acting quickly, was able to counter the domain by adding massive weight to Megumi's shadow. Reggie achieved this by activating a receipt at the same time it came off his body, allowing him to re-create three whole cars before Megumi's Nue could stop him.[12]

Reggie re-creating an entire house.

Megumi applied weight to Reggie as well by dropping Max Elephant on top of him. This caused Reggie to fall into the domain of liquid shadows and nearly drowned. In order to climb out of the shadow, Reggie ordered one of the three cars to take him back to the surface. The car disappeared and relieved some of the weight on Megumi as a result, but it was necessary to save Reggie. This allowed him to summon his ace in the hole, an entire house to crush Megumi once and for all.

However, Megumi dispelled his domain and used the impact of the falling house to drop them both into a pool below. With Megumi using his increased weight to drown his opponent, Reggie had no choice but to release his technique. Having fallen into a pool full of water, Reggie's receipts were too wet to use for the remainder of the fight.[13]


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