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Commissioned Curtains ( (しょく) (たく) (しき) (とばり) Shokutakushiki no Tobari?)[1] are cursed objects that allow the user to prepare a curtain with special conditions.


An active commissioned curtain.

Commissioned Curtains are small metal stakes wrapped in talismans. They're normally driven into the ground with another heavy object and activated using the normal curtain incantation after charging it with cursed energy.[2]

The primary advantage of a curtain is it can be imbued with a barrier technique[3] in advance before the curtain is needed and special conditions can be added to the barrier.

These conditions include but are not limited to the ability to block out or specific groups or individuals depending on the configuration of the curtain and the target's cursed energy.[3] It takes a very skilled sorcerer to use advanced barrier techniques with specific conditions. The same applies to those who imbue the cursed object with it.[4]

Once prepared, all that's left is for another sorcerer to charge it with their cursed energy for easy activation. The curtains are deactivated when and if the stakes are broken[5] or if a time limit is reached.[6]


Commissioned Curtains are mainly employed by Pseudo-Geto and Uraume's group of recruited curse users.

Juzo driving the stake in the ground before activating the curtain.

They first used a commissioned curtain during Mahito and Hanami's invasion of Tokyo Jujutsu High during the Goodwill Event. Juzo Kumiya used his axe to drive the stake into the ground and activated it as he was ordered to do. This particular curtain prevented Satoru Gojo from entering in exchange for allowing all others to pass through.[2][7]

Several curtains were prepared well in advance for the Shibuya Incident as well thanks to Geto's careful planning. They were strategically placed and activated according to the stages of Geto's plan.

Juzo's commissioned curtain results in a barrier that prevents Satoru Gojo from entering.

The first curtain trapped non-sorcerers in Shibuya and forced them into a situation that called out Satoru Gojo.[8] Once Gojo arrived, a second curtain was activated that trapped him on B5F of Shibuya Station. At the same time, a similar curtain appeared at Meiji-jingumae Station that prevented sorcerers from entering B5F of the adjacent subway line.[9]

This commissioned curtain was guarded by the Grasshopper Curse, who stood outside the barrier to strengthen it in exchange for the risk of it being compromised. It was exorcised by Yuji and the curtain was broken, allowing the Mei Mei Team to reach B5F. However, it bought Mahito enough time to prepare on that floor and leave before the sorcerers reached him.[10]

Curtains being physically broken to dispel the barrier.

Following Satoru Gojo's sealing, four curtains total were active in Shibuya. There were two "Curtain A"s that trapped civilians, one on the outer perimeter of the city and the other inside Shibuya Station. Curtain B trapped Satoru Gojo while Curtain C stopped sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station.[11]

The curtain preventing sorcerers from entering originated from a commissioned curtain on top of Shibuya Tower. Jiro Awasaka, Ogami, and her grandson were tasked with protecting it.[12] They had three stakes in the ground but only one was responsible for the curtain, making the other two diversions.[13]


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