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Coffin of the Iron Mountain ( (がい) (かん) (てっ) () (せん) Gaikan Tecchisen?) is a Domain Expansion used by Jogo, derived from his innate technique.



It is unknown when Jogo was able to develop his Domain Expansion, but he claimed that he had utilized it prior to his fight against Satoru Gojo.[1]


The environment constructed by Jogo's Domain is a fully closed-off stone chamber that resembles the inside (or caldera) of an active volcano. Spouts of magma eject from fissures in the ground and walls, and the Domain's ambient heat is such that ordinary sorcerers will burn up immediately upon entry.[2]


As with any Domain Expansion, Iron Coffin Mountain allows all of Jogo's cursed techniques to hit their mark with certainty, as well as greater explosivity. An example of such an auto-hitting attack is the creation of a large, burning rock that instantly appears at the enemy's location.[3]


Jogo's first and only-seen deployment of his Domain came amid his first fight against Gojo, in Jogo's attempt to bypass his foe's infinity using his Domain's cannot-miss attacks. However, dangerous as this Domain is, it was easily outpushed and suppressed by Satoru Gojo's Unlimited Void, showing that Jogo's Domain was far less polished.[4]


  • Gaikan (蓋棺?) refers to the lid/lidding of a casket.
  • Tecchisen (鉄囲山?) comes from the legend of "nine mountains and eight seas" of ancient Indian cosmology, which exists in Hinduism and Buddhism. The legend speaks of the mountains and seas that constitute the world—the nine mountains are Mount Sumeru at the world's center and eight concentric mountain ranges surrounding it, with those nine being in turn separated by eight seas. The outermost mountain range, forming the world's circular periphery, is called Chakravāda-parvata (Japanese: 鉄囲山 tecchisen/tetsuisen?) due to being made out of iron, unlike the other mountain ranges that are made of gold.


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