Choso ( (ちょう) (そう) Chōsō?) is a supporting antagonist and later an ally of Yuji Itadori in the Jujutsu Kaisen. He and his two brothers, Kechizu and Eso are Cursed Womb: Death Paintings who have sided with Mahito's group.


Choso is a cursed spirit with black wild hair that some tied in two ponytails, thin eyebrows, and a black rectangle covering the bridge of his nose that sometimes bleeds.

Choso wears light colored long sleeved shirt and light colored baggy pants, black scarf, two black sashes that cover his body in a X pattern, and a black sash around his waist.


Choso bears strong attachments to his brothers and is very overprotective of them. At first, he sided with Mahito's group in Shibuya because he want to avenage the death of his younger brothers, Kechizu and Eso. However, after receiving a vision during his battle with Itadori, Choso was eventually convinced that Sukuna's vessel was actually one of his younger brothers. He then became furious at Mahito and the other cursed spirits for manipulating him into harming Itadori.[1]



Choso is one of nine death painting wombs that came from a women capable of giving birth to cursed spirit children. At some point, Choso and his brothers were stored at the Jujutsu High, along with some of Sukuna's fingers.

As stated by Choso himself, Noritoshi Kamo, the man who experimented on his mother is in fact his third "parent" due to him having mixed in his own blood into Choso when his mother was pregnant with him. Although seemingly not remembering much about his own past, it is evident that Choso himself remembers Noritoshi and holds a grudge against him for toying with his mother and siblings' lives.[2]

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Choso and his brothers, along with Sukuna's fingers were taken from the Jujutsu High by Mahito.

Death Painting Arc

Choso and his brothers are given bodies by Mahito, which Choso and his brothers decide to side with the cursed spirits since the world they envision will suit the brothers more.

Later, Choso is playing a board game with Geto and Mahito, when he senses that his brothers have been killed.

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Choso is with Hanami and Jogo in the certain at Shibuya. When Gojo arrives at their location, Choso prepares to fight him along with the others. As they block Gojo's exit and surround him with people, Choso attacks with his blood manipulation technique, which Gojo blocks with ease. Choso then watches as Hanami and Jogo take on Gojo. When Gojo rips the branches off of Hanami, Choso attacks Gojo but the attack fails to connect. After killing Hanami, Gojo then turns his attention to Jogo. Choso attempts to assist Jogo by attacking Gojo, but his techniques fail against Gojo. When more humans are thrown down to the scene of conflict, Choso kills some of the humans with his technique, distracting Gojo. Gojo responds by activating his domain expansion for less than a second, greatly stunning Choso with his flawless technique.

After Choso recovers from his shock, he heads over to Mahito and Geto's location, where the Prison Realm charm had embedded itself into the ground. Geto explains that the prison realm cannot be moved while it is processing Gojo. When Yuji yells to informs the other shamans what had happened to Gojo, Geto informs the others of the shamans heading their way and asks for a strategy. Choso replies with his plan to avenge his brothers by killing Yuji and Nobara and to retrieve his other siblings from the school. When Jogo explains that they need Yuji for Sukuna, Choso responds that he doesn't care. Choso then listens as Mahito explains how they don't need Sukuna anymore and that they can now kill Yuji. As Jogo disagrees with Mahito, Mahito proposes that whoever meets with Yuji first, can decide was they want to do. Choso says that if he meet with Yuji first, then he will kill him. Choso then leave the station with the others, when most of them decide on these terms.

Later Choso encounters Yuji and starts to attack him. When Yuji gets close enough to land a punch, Choso defend himself but notices that Yuji's punch had made a double impact. Choso then asks if his brothers had left any final words with him. When Yuji says that they had just cried, Choso becomes angry and prepares to continue fighting Yuji. As Yuji jumps in the air, Choso figures that Yuji is baiting him but still launches an attack. The attack misses and Yuji manages to get close enough. Choso uses Supernova to wound Yuji's back and quickly stab Yuji's foot with a blood knife. Yuji ignores the pain and still continues, which Choso manages to stop the attacks by faking Yuji out. Choso uses Flowing Red Scale to overwhelm and then attacks with piercing blood but the technique was not fully completed.

Choso continues to attack from a distance until Yuji runs into the bathroom. Choso is hesitant to follow Yuji into the bathroom, until Kokichi manipulates Choso to enter the bathroom. Once inside, Choso finds out that the bathroom has been flooded with water and destroys the device that Kokichi was using to talk to Yuji with. Yuji suddenly attacks from behind, which Choso manages to defends himself but is sent into the water. Choso tries to attack with his blood but finds out that the water is making it harder for him to manipulate the blood that is outside of his body. Choso decides to use his flowing red scales again to increase his body's capabilities and fights Yuji in hand to hand combat. While fighting, Choso manages to have some blood that was not touched by water and uses it to attack Yuji with, while Yuji let his guard own. Choso thinks about how much damage he had taken from Yuji and prepares to continue the fight. Choso continues the fight, and manages to withstand the blows that Yuji throws at him. Choso manages to land a blow that knocks Yuji out and is about to finish Yuji off, but stops when a memory appears in his head. Choso is confused about this memory and leaves the area.

Due to being confused about the "memory" he was inflicted with about Eso and Kechizu having peaceful meal together alongside Yuji Itadori as another one of his younger brothers, Choso has now become convinced that Yuji is also one of his siblings and rushed to his side.

Abilities and Powers

Poisonous Blood: After successfully wounding Uraume, Choso revealed that like his two younger brothers, his blood also possesses poisonous properties that can fatally injure even a powerful curse user.

Blood Connection: Choso has implied and later confirmed that he possesses the ability to "sense any transformations" that occurs to those he is related to by blood. This is seen when he was able to immediately detect the deaths of his younger siblings due to death being the final transformation of organisms. As shown with Yuji Itadori, this occurs when he experiences a vision right at the moment of his relatives' "death".

Blood Conversion: As one of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, Choso possess the unique constitution of being able to convert his cursed energy into blood. Effectively allowing Choso to create a nearly unlimited supply of blood for his Blood Manipulation Techniques that effectively eliminates the technique's weakness of possibly killing its user due to blood loss due to this ability allowing Choso to easily resupply himself with blood as long as he has cursed energy.


Innate Technique
Choso using Blood Manipulation.png Blood Manipulation (赤血操術 Sekketsu Sōjutsu?): Choso's Innate Technique allows him to manipulate his own blood. As stated by Choso, due to Noritoshi Kamo having mixed in his own blood into his mother while pregnant with him during his experiments on her, Choso's innate technique is in fact the inherited technique of the Kamo Family.
Slicing Exorcism (苅祓 Karibarai?): Choso releases a stream of blood that is capable of slicing through human bodies. Choso using Slicing Exorcism.png
Convergence (百斂 Byakuren?): A technique that compresses and condenses the blood to its limit. Choso using Convergence.png
Piercing Blood (穿血 Senketsu?): Choso claps his hands together and fires a stream of blood from the tip of his fingers. As observed by Noritoshi Kamo, Choso's version of this technique is incredibly powerful with an immense amount of pressure focused into his shots, shown when he used it against Uraume. Choso can also use this technique to inject his poisonous blood into his opponents. Choso using Piercing Blood on Yuji.png
Supernova (超新星 Chōshinsei?): After using Convergence to create multiple small orbs of blood, Choso has the orbs shoot out in every direction like a buckshot. Choso using Supernova on Naoya.png
Blood Edge (血刃 Ketsujin?): Choso shapes and strengthens his blood's lethality by rotating it at a high speed. Blood Edge.png
Flowing Red Scale (赤鱗躍動 Sekirin Yakudō?): Choso manipulates the blood in his body, including the temperature, pulse rate, the number of red blood cells, and its composition, so that he can increase his body's speed and power. Two vertical lines appear over each of his eyes when this technique is activated. Choso's fury.png
Flowing Red Scale: Stack (赤鱗躍動・載 Sekirin Yakudō・Sai?): Choso intensifies Flowing Red Scale in order to increase his body's capabilities to an even higher degree than normally. Flowing Red Scale Stack.png
Blood Meteorite (血星磊 Kesseiseki?): Choso hardens some of his blood and throws it at his target. Blood Meteorite.png


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