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Chimera Shadow Garden ( (かん) (ごう) (あん) (えい) (てい) Kangō An'eitei?) is the Domain Expansion of the Ten Shadows Technique used by Megumi Fushiguro.


While still incomplete, Chimera Shadow Garden floods the area with thick fluid shadows. This grants the user the ability to manifest multiple shikigami, as well as advanced manipulation of all available shadows.[1]


Megumi faking his death with a shadow double.

Megumi first manifested Chimera Shadow Garden in battle by freely imagining himself going beyond his limits. The activation of this technique used all of Megumi's cursed energy, resulting in physical backlash. This also resulted in an incomplete Domain Expansion, but it was still effective enough to enhance Megumi's Ten Shadows Technique.

The floor of flooded shadows can quickly reshape itself into black toads that can grab onto Megumi's target. He can also surf using these frogs to move across the waves of shadows at high speed. Multiple versions of Nue can be created as well, capable of flying around and attacking the opponent rapidly.

Megumi using his improved shadow manipulation abilities in new imaginative ways.

Aside from creating more shikigami, Megumi's manipulation of shadows improved greatly as well. After suffering what appeared to be a fatal blow, Megumi was able to fake out his opponent with a shadow double.[2] In order to finish the fight against the Finger Bearer, Megumi used his amplified Ten Shadows Technique to hide in the curse's shadow with Divine Dog: Totality and dealt the killing blow from behind.[3]

During the Shibuya Incident, Megumi used Chimera Shadow Garden to enter Dagon's Domain Expansion. He entered through a large explosive geyser of shadows that could expand to his allies. This allowed Maki access to the weapons cache within Megumi's shadows, or more specifically: Playful Cloud.[4]

Megumi using Chimera Shadow Garden to infiltrate Dagon's Domain.

The explosion of liquid shadows maintained its shape within Dagon's Horizon of the Captivating Skandha as a tunnel of twisting shadows Megumi was able to emerge from. Entering a Domain Expansion tug-of-war with Dagon, Megumi effectively nullified the guaranteed hit normally gained with Domain Expansion. Dagon attempted to crush Megumi's Domain by attacking directly, but the Toads provided footing for the other Sorcerers to use in order to protect Megumi.[5]

Rather than try and fight Dagon's more refined Domain Expansion, Megumi was using his to create a hole in the curse's barrier. This quickly used up most Megumi's cursed energy, causing blood to flow from nose as backlash like the first time he used it. Megumi's intention was to use this as an escape plan for all the sorcerers trapped inside Dagon's Domain. However, he accidentally let in Toji Fushiguro from the outside.[6] The hole closes shortly after, leaving Megumi unable to open another hole.[7]


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