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The Shibuya Incident, Part 16 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 16?) is the ninety-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


With the curtain preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station finally lifted, the Jujutsu High teams can progress with the rescue operation. However, with Ino brutally injured, Yuji and Megumi have to split up, leaving the former alone in the haven of curses. Meanwhile, Mei Mei finishes up her battle against the curse user, Niji Ebina, and makes her way to Shibuya Station.

Plot Details

Yuji and Megumi rescue Ino but he's badly injured.

With Jiro Awasaka defeated, Yuji and Megumi break the two commissioned curtains he was holding, deactivating the curtain preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station. This takes place at 10:04 P.M. on the Metropolitan Expressway Route No.3 Shibuya Line.

All three cursed objects were broken by the boys but only one of them was actually used for casting the curtain. Megumi wants to interrogate the old man for some answers but he'll be unconscious for a while.

Suddenly, Ino is thrown from the top of Shibuya Tower. Megumi notices in time to summon Nue to rescue him from falling to his death. Yuji catches Ino and is horrified by the shape he's in. In Toji Fushiguro's form, Ogami's grandson comments that the curtain is down and asks what they should do now. Ogami asks him to go down and keep killing sorcerers, but Toji's personality fully surfaces. He takes over the grandson's body and tells the old hag not to give him orders.

"Kill sorcerers, huh? I guess that includes you!"

Worried, Ogami jumps back and doesn't understand how this happened. She only meant to summon the body's information and not the soul with her Séance Technique to prevent this worst-case scenario. Toji doesn't know what's happening either but he figures his heavenly restricted body overtook the host's soul. Ogami doesn't believe this to be possible and Toji decides to follow her orders, starting by killing the old sorcerer first.

Yuji wants to go back up to the tower and avenge Ino, but Megumi reveals he's not dead and asks Yuji to focus on rescuing Gojo sensei. While Yuji heads to the station, Megumi agrees to take care of Ino. The latter doesn't like the idea of being alone in Shibuya but Yuji is confident with having Mechamaru with him. They part ways and Megumi reminds Yuji that he'll kill him if he dies again.

Nanami finds Ijichi bleeding out on the ground.

Meanwhile, Nanami finds Ijichi unconscious and bleeding out at Shibuya Station by exit 13. He is horrified by the sight of his dying friend. At the same time, on the Fukutoshin Line Platform between Meiji-Jingumae and Shibuya Station, Mei Mei easily overwhelms the curse user Niji Ebina in close combat with her battle axe.

"Service potential is life itself for me.♡"

Ui Ui sits on top of Ebina's defeated cursed spirit as Mei Mei explains how her innate technique works. Mei Mei grew up believing her Black Bird Manipulation was a weak technique so she focused on being effective without it. It was worth the training as Mei Mei can honestly say she dominated Ebina thanks to it. He begs for forgiveness and asks to leave, but Ui Ui tells him to be quiet while his sister is still speaking.

Mei Mei explains that reinforcing one's body with cursed energy can only take a sorcerer so far. Realizing this, Mei Mei was initially devastated but the realization allowed Mei Mei to go back and master her innate technique, making her into the blossoming grade 1 sorcerer she is today. Ui Ui applauds and makes Ebina clap for his sister as well. Mei Mei says it's time to die now that she's done and Ebina prostrates himself and continues begging for mercy.

Amused, Mei Mei asks Ui Ui what a person's life value is proportional to. Ui Ui gladly answers that life's value is in proportion to how useful they are to Mei Mei. Then she asks Ebina and he's unable to answer, remaining silent with his head bowed. The grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer believes fact that he can't answer as a curse user and a murderer is the reason he lost. She crushes his head with her axe and reveals service potential is life itself for her.

Ui Ui tells his sister that the curtain has been taken down and Mei Mei gets excited at the prospect of Satoru Gojo owing her big time. Pseudo-Geto watches her movements from the Shibuya Station and is impressed she won so quickly. Meanwhile, on Shoto Bunkamura Street, the curse user Haruta Shigemo encounters Arata Nitta and Nobara Kugisaki in the middle of the road. Nobara tells Nitta to stay behind her steps up to face the curse user alone. After slaying so many male managers, Shigemo is excited to finally find some girls to play with.

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