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The Shibuya Incident, Part 15 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 15?) is the ninety-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The curse users reveal their cursed techniques and the battle against the jujutsu sorcerers heats up. Ogami shapeshifts her grandson into the body of the Sorcerer Killer. Meanwhile, Megumi deduces the nature of Jiro Awasaka's technique and devises a counter-attack.

Plot Details

The revived Sorcerer Killer makes Ino his first victim.

Confused, Takuma Ino looks across the roof of Shibuya Tower at Ogami and her grandson, who has shapeshifted into Toji Fushiguro. Ino figures out the old woman is a necromancer and he can tell with just one look that Toji is ridiculously strong.

The jujutsu sorcerer attempts to summon Auspicious Beast, Ryu, but Toji rips off his mask before Ino even knows what's happening. Ino recognizes his opponent has incredible speed and attempts to turn around, but Toji lands a powerful right hook right to the sorcerer's jaw. He follows up by grabbing Ino's collar and pummeling his face with a flurry of unforgiving rapid-fire punches.

Yuji and Megumi pouring on the pressure.

Down below on the Metropolitan Expressway. Awasaka is surrounded by Megumi's Rabbit Escape shikigami. He realizes their purpose is more of a diversion than an attack. He wonders if the Jujutsu High students will try to hit him with a lethal blow from behind the rabbits, but the swarm of shikigami is suddenly deactivated.

Suddenly, Max Elephant falls from the sky with Megumi on top of it, attempting to smash the curse user with the force of its weight. The impact is great but Awasaka resists and the shikigami is deactivated just as quickly as it appeared. This annoys the old man, who demands Megumi to man up and fight him directly. Megumi replies that's more Yuji's style, and right on cue, Yuji hurls a car at Awasaka. The curse user is able to nullify the blow, but he's surprised by Yuji's raw strength.

The students finally injure Awasaka.

Megumi's plan simply involves them relentlessly attack for now. He gets the curse user's attention while Yuji prepares a full power swing. Awasaka believes he can easily anticipate Yuji's punch and Megumi's attack at the same time. Awasaka's cursed technique is Inverse, it makes strong attacks weak and weak attacks strong while activated. He believes the harder his opponent's fight, the easier he wins. Apparently, no one has ever avoided his counter-attack after a desperate full-power swing.

Yuji adjusts the power in his punch to offset Inverse.

When Yuji and Megumi retreated earlier, Megumi already figured their opponent's innate technique. He surmised that Awaka's Inverse technique must have a maximum and a minimum limit and the curse user is reinforcing his body with cursed energy on top of it. He can't win against someone as powerful as Gojo and complicated techniques would put him at a disadvantage. Yuji understood and suggested they attack with a strong attack and a weak one at the same time. Megumi agreed and stated they just needed to keep the pressure on and prevent him from realizing they've figured it out.

Yuji finishes the fight.

In the present exchange of blows, Yuji makes contact and his punch is nullified, but a simple poke from Megumi's Toad's tongue is enough to do serious damage. Awasaka bleeds from the mouth and before he has a chance to recover, both boys resume their relentless assault. Injured for the first time in this battle, Awasaka refuses to lose and forces the boys back, demanding the kids don't get cocky.

Suddenly, Yuji gets behind the old man and throws another full power punch. Awasaka turns around to counter it, but Yuji stops just before. The student adjusts his strike, throwing a weaker punch, which Inverse makes extremely powerful and knocks the curse user unconscious. Impressed, Megumi tells Yuji that he can pull off refined strikes surprisingly well.

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