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The Shibuya Incident, Part 14 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 14?) is the ninety-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the recent past, cursed users used to be free to curse whomever they pleased. However, that all changed when a boy with the Six Eyes was born into the Gojo Family. Jiro Awasaka resents having his freedom stolen away, and fights the Jujutsu High students to ensure Gojo's freedom is taken as well.

Plot Details

Satoru Gojo was born in 1989 and his presence changed everything. Around that time, Ogami and Awasaka could commit as many heinous murders as they saw fit.

"We were... free."

Ogami killed a man's daughter, used her séance technique to take the young girl's form, and then used the appearance to trick the man and stab him in the back of the neck. Awasaka cruelly ripped the faces off his victims and tortured them to understand the human body. Both of them were free to live selfishly and could make as much money as they wanted for cursing people.

A bounty was put on the child born with the Six Eyes sometime after his birth. Awasaka and Ogami attempted to collect, but they never came close. Even a young Satoru was easily able to pick them out of a crowd and intimidate them with his gaze. Afterward, the young Gojo just walked away thought to himself that the weaklings shouldn't dare look at him.

Awasaka continues fighting to trample on the weak.

This small action was enough to stop Awasaka and Ogami from living as they wished. With his presence in the world, the balance of the jujutsu community was completely altered. The curse users were stripped of their freedom and that feeling of dissatisfaction has stuck with Awasaka and Ogami ever since.

In the present day, Awasaka continues fighting with Yuji and Megumi on the Metropolitan Expressway. Awasaka uses his lust for revenge on Gojo to fuel his anger in the battle and beats back the two first-years. This surprises the students as they don't understand how he's nullifying all their damage.

Megumi finally figures out their opponent's cursed technique

Megumi figures it might be related to his innate technique and decides to yell out a bold-faced lie. He says Satoru Gojo is in Shibuya and Awasaka obviously knows that isn't true. Yuji is confused, but this helps Megumi confirm the curse user's technique isn't something like damage nullification that could counter Gojo sensei's Limitless technique.

Awasaka claims that he's ready to finish their battle and Megumi responds by unleashing his new Rabbit Escape shikigami. It creates a wave of countless small rabbits that are supposed to serve as a distraction. However, Awasaka has a strange reaction to them, as he's hit harder by one than he should be. This gets Megumi's attention and he immediately takes Yuji, revealing that he's figured out their enemy's cursed technique.

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