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The Shibuya Incident, Part 13 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 13?) is the ninety-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Ino does his best to make Nanami proud against the curse users on Shibuya Tower. Meanwhile, Yuji and Megumi have more trouble than expected dealing with old man Jiro Awasaka. The jujutsu sorcerers want to get the fighting over quickly, but the curse users have a few tricks of their own.

Plot Details

Ogami's grandson protects her from Ino's cursed techniques.

While eating dinner with him at a self-serve-style restaurant, Nanami told Ino his innate technique could make him a semi-grade 1 in no time. However, Ino has always been insistent that Nanami be the one to recommend him for the promotion.

Doing things the right way is important to Ino, especially while doing hard and undesirable work like being a jujutsu sorcerer. Ino doesn't consider himself to be the smartest person around, and there is a lot of gray area in their profession. Whenever Ino can't decide what to do he asks himself "what would Nanami do?". With this being the case, becoming a grade 1 sorcerer without Nanami's approval simply wouldn't be right for Ino.

Awasaka left unharmed despite Yuji and Megumi's attacks.

On top of Shibuya Tower, cursed energy flows from Ino's body as he activates his innate technique: Auspicious Beasts Summon. Ino possesses a séance cursed technique that allows him to become a spiritual medium by hiding his face. In doing so, he can summon and use the abilities of four auspicious beasts: Kaichi, Reiki, Kirin, and Ryu.

First Ino summons Kaichi and shoots a horn-like projectile with homing missile capabilities. Ogami's grandson grabs her and puts his body on the line to protect her. While he shields her from harm, Ogami folds her hands in prayer with her beads and starts an incantation. Ino wants to wrap this fight up quickly and get back to the first-years because Nanami entrusted him with looking after them. He tells himself to understand the facts and control the self in order to eliminate one's ego. Once in the proper frame of mind, Ino summons the powers of Reiki and continues to fight.

"This is the best ever."

Meanwhile, Yuji and Megumi fight alongside Divine Dog: Totality against Awasaka. The boys don't find fighting the enemy difficult, but working together to be the hard part of this battle. They appear to be overwhelming the old man but he remains unscathed despite all their efforts. He slices Yuji with a knife that only cuts the skin and gets caught in Megumi's Toad's tongue. Toad flings the curse user into a bridge structure above them before dispelling. However, Awasaka still isn't hurt despite Yuji hitting him at full strength and Divine Dog's claws being capable of injuring a special grade curse. They weren't supposed to be wasting time and Megumi points this out, but Yuji has no comment.

Back on top of Shibuya Tower, the grandson stands in between the sorcerer and Ogami. The old woman continues her incantation while Ino repeatedly wins the close combat exchanges with her grandson using Reiki's abilities. He's no match for a sorcerer, giving Ino a bad feeling about the situation. The jujutsu high sorcerer realizes too late and Ogami's cursed energy suddenly surges. Her conditions have been met and her grandson swallows some kind of pill. Ino summons Kaichi again but the grandson's body is fast enough to catch the horn with his bare hands.

Ogami revives Toji Zenin using her grandson's body, shocking Ino. As his face shifts to that of Toji's, the grandson claims this is the best.

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