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The Shibuya Incident, Part 12 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 12?) is the ninety-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Nanami leaves dispelling the curtain blocking out sorcerers to Ino, Yuji, and Megumi. They deduce the enemies guarding the commissioned curtains are in the most obvious spot in Shibuya. The jujutsu sorcerers engage the curse users on the roof of Shibuya Tower, beginning a battle for the curtain!

Plot Details

Awasaka and the curse users pick the most open spot in Shibuya.

Yuji tries to break through the curtain preventing sorcerers from entering with a powerful right straight punch.

The attack is ineffective and the barrier doesn't even budge. Ino is impressed with Yuji's striking power, comparing it to Nanami, but this just means that the curtain is incredibly sturdy. As Divine Dog: Totality kills transfigured humans in the background to save civilians, Megumi suggests they try and find a weak point in the curtain.

Ino argues there's no point since they can't get inside. He believes the curtain caster is within the curtain but Yuji explains how the curtains worked at Meiji-Jingumae Station. By staying outside the curtain the risk of being seen increases and in return the curtain's strength does as well. Going by this logic, Megumi surmises that the curtain's protectors are probably somewhere extremely obvious.

Yuji and Ino riding on top of Nue to reach Shibuya Tower.

At 10:01 P.M. on top of Shibuya Tower, old man Jiro Awasaka looks down on the city and asks if this is the most obvious spot to strengthen the curtain. Ogami's grandson thinks so and says sorcerers will be intercepted by the Transfigured Humans inside if they come. However, they're both taken off guard when Nue suddenly appears flying above them.

Ino and Yuji are riding on Nue and the latter has a wire attached to the shikigami, one he got from Maki. Nue goes in one direction and Yuji goes in the other, using the wire to wrap up all of the curse users at once. Ogami's grandson helps her get out of harm's way but Awasaka is swept clean off the building. As he falls off the building, Awasaka wonders if the jujutsu sorcerers figured out how commissioned curtains work.

Yuji and Megumi ready to finish Awasaka quickly.

Before ascending Shibuya Tower, Yuji showed Ino the remains of the commissioned curtain he broke at Meiji-Jingumae Station. There is a barrier technique already imbued in the cursed object, allowing anyone to activate it after charging it with cursed energy. Ino is able to break one sticking out of the roof of Shibuya Tower, but Awasaka took two of the three stakes when he was hit by the wire. The curtain remains so this means Awasaka still has the required cursed object. Yuji further wraps him in wire and drags Awasaka downward at a faster velocity.

Yuji snaps the wire and dives inside the building while yelling for Megumi to deactivate Nue, dropping Awasaka over forty stories. Ino remains at the top of the tower, facing off with Ogami and her Grandson. Ino says that it's time for him to start paving his path to becoming a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer and passionately lowers his mask over his face.

Yuji finds Megumi on the street and they find Awasaka's body, but it's far too clean for falling forty-one stories. Megumi flares up his cursed energy and demands the old man get up. Awasaka stops playing dead and smiles at his opponents, claiming kids these days have no respect for the elderly. Megumi reminds Yuji they don't have time to waste and Yuji agrees.

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