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The Shibuya Incident, Part 11 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 11?) is the ninety-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Against Jogo's best judgement, Mahito decides to turn hunting Yuji Itadori into a game amongst their team. Meanwhile, Team Nanami regroups with Yuji and formulate a plan to rescue Satoru Gojo.

Plot Details

Mahito turns his disagreement on how to handle Yuji into a friendly competition.

Mahito agrees with Choso and suggests they kill Yuji Itadori. Even if they don't fully resurrect Sukuna, Mahito is confident that the cursed spirits can still overwhelm humanity.

Annoyed, Jogo asks if Mahito is being serious and he replies that he's for real. Jogo recalls Mahito saying that it doesn't matter if they're smiling in the end as long as Sukuna can make curses emerge as the true humans.Jogo knows that Sukuna isn't their ally and could cause them all to suffer but the era of curses will still surely come regardless. He believes curses do not fear death and can walk their paths sincerely to achieve their goals.

Mahito argues that even if a cursed spirit is consistent along that path, they still live according to their desires. He acknowledges reviving Sukuna is a legitimate strategy but Mahito doesn't want to fight Jogo over it. Instead, Mahito turns it into a game. If he encounters Yuji first, he'll him and if Jogo finds him first, he can use the fingers to restore Sukuna's power.

Mimiko and Nanako demand their master's body be returned.

Choso adds that if he finds Yuji he will try to kill him as well. This annoys Jogo but Mahito is excited to see that Choso wants to play too. Pseudo-Geto decides to pass and stay behind with Prison Realm. He feels that reviving Sukuna is more of a contingency plan in case sealing Satoru Gojo is ever compromised.

Jogo interrupts and argues that it's the smartest strategy for all of them to remain in place with Geto and wait for Yuji and all the sorcerers to come to them. However, Mahito, Choso, and even Dagon run away once the "game" starts, ignoring Jogo. Determined not to let them find Yuji first, Jogo runs off as well and inadvertently decides to take part, amusing Geto.

Geto notices Mimiko and Nanako watching him and says the curses are smarter than them. The girls are hiding among the crowd of humans still in stasis from being inside Unlimited Void. They state that they helped with killing monkeys and demand Suguru Geto's body back as promised. They don't want the imposter using their beloved master's body any longer. Pseudo-Geto refuses and tells the girls they should make a Binding Vow whenever dealing with a sorcerer. He tells them to leave unless they want to be killed by their master's body. They disappear into the crowd and claim he'll regret this, but the imposter responds with a claim that it's been so long he's forgotten what regret feels like.

Ino, Yuji, and Megumi move out to disable the curtain blocking out sorcerers.

Meanwhile, Yuji stands on top of a building in Shibuya and continues yelling for "Nanamin". The Nanami Team finds him and Megumi slaps Yuji in the back of the head to stop him from yelling. Yuji and Mechamaru bring Team Nanami completely up to speed as far as the situation revolving around Gojo. Nanami doesn't quite understand how Geto is involved and Mechamaru explains it's technically an imposter acting as Geto.

Shibuya Station is in a state of pandemonium currently. Nanami agrees coordinating an attack from the adjacent stations makes sense for a battle plan, but in order for it work they must lift the curtain first. Nanami asks Ino to take the first-years and lower the curtain prohibiting sorcerers from entering the station. As a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer, there are certain procedures only he can oversee. He's going to head outside the curtain and meet with Ijichi. Additionally, Nanami wants Ino to pass along any information to Team Kusakabe and Team Zenin if he encounters them.

"We'll save Satoru Gojo!!"

After the grade 1 sorcerer leaves, Ino gets the "feels" because Nanami is relying on him. Impassioned, Ino debriefs Megumi and Yuji so they understand the severity of failure in this situation. If Satoru Gojo disappears, the Gojo Family falls out of power and anyone like Yuji who's being protected will be targeted by the jujutsu high ups again. Sorcerers in the community will fight for political power and while they're doing that, all the curses and curse users that were held back by Gojo's presence will attack. Sorcerers squabbling over politics will surely lose into a war to those two groups. This means if the jujutsu high sorcerers fail here in Shibuya, the age of humans will surely be over in Japan.

Yuji and Megumi both confirm they understand what's at stake. Ino tells them it's time to move out. He plans on having the curtain down before Nanami returns and believes they'll save Satoru Gojo! Meanwhile, on top of Shibuya Tower, three curse users watch over the commissioned curtains. They're excited to hear Satoru Gojo has been sealed. The old man, Jiro Awasaka wonders how this will affect Japan. The old woman, Ogami, replies that nothing will change. Curse users will curse and the cursed will die.

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