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The Shibuya Incident, Part 10 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 10?) is the ninety-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


With their network communication cut off, most of the jujutsu sorcerers are unaware of Satoru Gojo being sealed. It's up to Yuji and Mechamaru to relay this information to the others so that they can coordinate a proper counterattack. Meanwhile, with the cursed spirits holding the advantage, Mahito decides to forgo Sukuna's resurrection and expresses his desire to kill Yuji.

Plot Details

The three groups enter the battle at the same time!

Team Kusakabe, Zenin, and Nanami discuss the situation outside the curtain.

The number of civilians in Shibuya is falling fast and the Transfigured Humans inside Shibuya Station are now attacking non-sorcerers. Orders are sent out to all Jujutsu High sorcerer teams to end their status standby and move out.

Team Nanami agrees amongst themselves that the most concerning new development is the appearance of a new curtain trapping Satoru Gojo and preventing sorcerers from entering. It's already been almost an hour since Gojo arrived in Shibuya, so from their perspective it's difficult to understand why the enemy would wait until now. Already having encountered Mahito in the past, Nanami understands that Mahito's faction wouldn't make a move without a plan regardless.

Yuji rushes to Shibuya to spread the word about Gojo's sealing.

Nanami decides to head for the curtain's caster and asks Ino and Megumi to do their best to rescue civilians. All three teams of jujutsu sorcerers head into Shibuya at the same time. Outside the perimeter of the curtain, Ijichi talks on the phone with Akari Nitta. He asks her to confirm the situation inside the curtain and get back out as quickly as possible. The managers are essential to keeping communication outside the curtain and he wants her to be the person staying outside the barrier at all times. Ijichi plans to get windows and everyone off duty involved, but he's suddenly stabbed from behind by the curse user, Haruta Shigemo.

Shigemo pulls his sword from Ijichi's gut and watches him fall on the ground and bleed out. The monk Uraume orders him to continue targeting the people in suits around the curtain's perimeter and head inside the barrier after that. Meanwhile, in B5F of Shibuya Station, Pseudo-Geto explains that Prison Realm requires time to processed Satoru Gojo before it can be moved. Mahito suddenly notices one of the Mechamaru communication devices on the roof nearby and destroys it. Kokichi immediately relays the information about the enemy being unable to move Gojo from B5F to Yuji.

Nanami hears Yuji's message loud and clear.

The jujutsu sorcerers' best bet is to move in on Shibuya Station from the surrounding subway stations. Once the curtain preventing sorcerers from reaching Gojo is down, they can attack the station together. Yuji runs into the curtain trapping civilians and immediately runs into a gruesome scene of Transfigured Humans attacking people indiscriminately. Using his blinding speed and cursed energy-enhanced strength, he clears out the group to help rescue civilians. Yuji keeps up the momentum and climbs a large building with ease before yelling out to "Nanamin" as loudly as he possibly can.

"Let's kill Itadori".

Yuji's scream echoes throughout Shibuya, reaching the Nanami Team and likely the entire city. Nanami is less than amused to hear his nickname called out while Megumi and Ino are just more or less confused. Yuji continues yelling, revealing that Gojo sensei was sealed. Team Kusakabe hears this as well and the news shocks Nanami. He takes it very seriously and immediately changes plans. Megumi is also surprised to hear his mentor has been sealed and Nanami says that if it's true then all humans in Japan are surely doomed.

Geto gets Mahito, Jogo, Dagon, and Choso in a group around Prison Realm and informs them of the sorcerer's next move. He will remain on B5F to protect Prison Realm and asks the curses on how they plan on dealing with all the sorcerers heading their way. Choso simply wants to avenge his brothers by killing Yuji and Nobara. Jogo says Yuji is off-limits for being Sukuna's vessel, but Choso doesn't care, creating tension between the two and annoying Jogo enough to want to fight.

Mahito tells Jogo to calm down and playfully reveals that he wants to kill Yuji too. After seeing Gojo in person, Mahito is confident that their side already holds a solid advantage over the sorcerers. With Sukuna, they would be heavy favorites and they can win without him. Mahito expresses a maniacal smile and suggests they kill Yuji.

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