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The Shibuya Incident, Part 9 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 9?) is the ninety-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Pseudo-Geto and his allies see their plan through to the end and seal Satoru Gojo at last. Mechamaru delivers the bad news to the Mei Mei Team and asks Yuji to spread the word. They must act quickly and rescue Gojo before the entire world as they know it is upended.

Plot Details

Seal complete!

On the Fukutoshin Line Platform between Harajuku and Dogenzaka, the circular puppet communication device on Yuji's ear speaks to him in Kokichi Muta's voice. Yuji's quick to take it off and attempts to break it but Kokichi quickly reveals that Satoru Gojo has been sealed.

At the Hikarie building, Geto tells Satoru good night and Satoru asks his friend Suguru to wake up. He can't believe would allow himself to get used like that and a semblance of his being makes his body's arm grab the imposter's throat. Pseudo-Geto is impressed and tells Mahito his theory about the body and soul being separate must be incorrect. Mahito argues that since their cursed techniques are so different they exist in different worlds.

The Mei Mei Team heads on the task Mechamaru assigned to them.

Satoru tells them to get this over with and Pseudo-Geto agrees, closing the gate and sealing Satoru Gojo at last. Prison Realm only allows for one occupant at a time but the seal is officially complete.

Meanwhile, Mei Mei doesn't believe Kokichi but he can only provide information surrounding his death as proof. Kokichi Muta was killed by Mahito on October 19th and this puppet is simply a contingency plan. There are only three of these puppets in separate locations and one was given to Mei Mei's Team because they're the least likely to be moles.

Kokichi warns them that there is a curse user coming down the Fukushotin Platform to attack them. They're stronger than the Grasshopper Curse, likely around semi-grade 1.

Mei Mei wants to ignore them and reach Gojo but Kokichi advises them to focus on taking down the four barriers that have appeared around Shibuya. There's another curtain preventing sorcerers from reaching Gojo father along the tracks. All the teams on standby have likely been caught inside a curtain and are unable to use cellphones. This goes for the managers as well, so Kokichi tells Yuji to head back to Meiji-Jingumae Station and then back above ground to spread the word about Gojo being sealed.

Satoru leaves the rest up to his allies.

Gojo's rescue must be a collaborative effort if it's to succeed. Kokichi asks Mei Mei to defeat the curse user and clear the path for Yuji. Mei Mei agrees but she inquires about his bank account. Kokichi understands the jujutsu world and human society will be upended if Gojo disappears. He asks them to put their life on the line. There was a time Kokichi would have been fine with everything being upended, but not anymore.

Mei Mei notes that their enemies have arrived and the curse user Niji Ebina appears with his shikigami on a chain. Yuji says he'll follow Mei Mei's lead and she agrees. Back at the Hikarie Building, Choso and Jogo also awaken from their state of stasis effects of Unlimited Void. Suddenly, Prison Realm drops to the ground out of Geto's hand as if it was extremely heavy. Inside, Satoru sits in a distant realm surrounded by skeletons and notices that time doesn't pass. He admits he messed up but he believes everything will be fine because he has faith in his allies.

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