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The Shibuya Incident, Part 8 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 8?) is the ninetieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Pseudo-Geto's plan to seal Satoru Gojo moves into its final phase. Confronted by his dead best friend that he killed himself, Satoru learns the shocking truth and falls into the clutches of Prison Realm.

Plot Details

"Gate... open!"

Prison Realm is the final remains of the Buddhist Monk Genshin. It is a living barrier capable of sealing anything, even Satoru Gojo.

Geto explained this to his allies prior to the beginning of the Shibuya Incident. Jogo inquired about the conditions and Geto revealed that the target must stay within a four-meter radius for one minute. Annoyed, Jogo threatened to burn Geto up because they all know there's no way they can achieve that condition when dealing with someone like Gojo. Geto assured him not to worry as his version of one minute isn't so literal.

In the present, Geto orders Prison Realm to open. The cursed object breaks out of its talisman seal and expands into a cycloptic curse with flesh spread out and attached to the four sides of the cube. The eye meets Satoru's gaze and he instantly attempts to flee. However, Geto finally reveals himself and greets Satoru as if they were still friends.

The plot to seal Satoru Gojo reaches its climax.

Confused, memories of his best friend rush through Satoru's mind and he still can't understand how it is Geto could be alive. Satoru killed Suguru himself almost a year ago but the Six Eyes reject all possibilities. When Geto said one minute to Jogo in the past, he meant one minute's worth of time processed with Satoru's Six Eyes enhanced brain.

Although it was just a moment, that much time passed a long time ago for Gojo. Prison Realm ensnares Satoru, immobilizing him and shutting off all access to his body's cursed energy. He recognizes this is checkmate, but he still demands to know who Geto is. No matter what the Six Eyes tell him, Satoru knows in his heart that Suguru is dead and this man is an imposter.

An imposter reveals himself to be inhabiting Suguru's body.

Geto removes the stitches from his head and reveals a brain-like curse inhabiting Suguru's head. The imposter has a cursed technique that allows him to enter the bodies of other sorcerers and utilize their innate techniques. This Pseudo-Geto obtained curse manipulation and planned these exact circumstances to deal with Satoru Gojo.

Satoru is confident the sorcerer who defeated Suguru will step up in his place. However, Pseudo-Geto argues Yuta Okkotsu cannot become the next Satoru Gojo without the powers gained from cursing Rika Orimoto's soul. He bids farewell to Satoru and asks them to meet again in the new world.

Meanwhile, far down the Fukutoshin Line Platform, Team Mei Mei heads toward Satoru's position. Suddenly, Yuji stops and Ui Ui asks him what's wrong. finds a small Mechamaru-like communication device on his ear, with Kokichi Muta speaking to him and asking if he can hear his voice.

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  • There is an error on page 3 where Geto is missing the stitches on his forehead. This is rectified in Volume 11.