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The Shibuya Incident, Part 7 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 7?) is the eighty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


A thousand transfigured humans are unleashed upon the Fukutoshin Line Platform. They attack alongside the special grade cursed spirits and slaughter the civilians before Satoru's eyes. Pushed to the limit on how many lives he's willing to sacrifice, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer is forced to make a decision.

Plot Details

Even more civilians are dumped down into the Fukushotin Line Platform.

Civilians run away in fear as Transfigured Humans rush from the train, indiscriminately attacking everyone in sight. Satoru watches in horror and doesn't believe whittling down the number of humans is to his opponent's advantage.

Mahito rides through the air on a snake like transfigured human directly at Satoru and attempts to punch him. The Infinity blocks it, entertaining Mahito who's heard of this ability before. Satoru recognizes Mahito as the patch-face curse Yuji and Nanami told him about.

Satoru forces Mahito back but a grin remains on the curses face. He wags his finger and shares something he finds gross about humans: that there's so many of them. The roots that were blocking the atrium between B4F and B5F disappear and hundreds of humans fall through, shocking Satoru. There must be more curses or curse users upstairs dumping everyone they can down to the Fukushotin Line Platform.

Choso and Mahito activate their respective innate techniques simultaneously, attacking the crowd with Supernova and Body Repel respectively. All the humans in the immediate area around Satoru are slaughtered, much to his displeasure. Jogo attacks from above and Satoru is able to grab his arm, but the curse is quick to sever it, and runs away.

The rising casualties bring Satoru closer to his breaking point.

Mahito recognizes that Gojo is different from Yuji in that he's willing to make certain sacrifices to ensure the greater good. However, now that the number of casualties is rising rapidly and even more humans are being put at risk, even Satoru's willingness to sacrifice is reaching its limit.

Jogo believes the sorcerer's only option is to use Domain Expansion, but Unlimited Void would likely kill every person there. In theory, he could save everyone outside in one move but he's unwilling to kill humans himself. The curses plan to make him agonize and concentrate on countermeasures, however, they're shocked when Satoru suddenly decides to activate his Domain Expansion.

In 299 seconds, approximately one thousand Transfigured Humans are slain by the strongest jujutsu sorcerer alive.

Satoru Gojo's all-or-nothing Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds casts Unlimited Void on the Fukushotin Line Platform. The time was an educated guess that assumed non-sorcerers could only stay within the domain for that long without suffering permanent damage. In that time, half a year's worth of info flooded into everyone's brains, immobilizing them.

At this level, the special grade curses could awaken at any moment. Taking that into consideration, Satoru focuses on killing all of the transfigured humans. In just under three hundred seconds, approximately one thousand Transfigured Humans were annihilated after the deactivation of the domain by the hands of the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Immediately after, Satoru notices a sealed box next to him too late. With the stage set for their plan to succeed, Geto actives Prison Realm.

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