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The Shibuya Incident, Part 6 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 6?) is the eighty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Following Hanami's demise, Jogo struggles to buy more time while Choso hardly helps. It's still too easy for Satoru Gojo. Meanwhile, the Mei Mei Team learns there is a train headed for Shibuya filled with a surprise just for him.

Plot Details

Satoru searching through the crowd hunting for Jogo.

Frantically huffing for air as he runs away from the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, Jogo stumbles through the crowded Fukutoshin Line Platform. Satoru follows close behind with an extremely dark and menacing presence

Choso quietly tries to hide in the chaos among the crowd of civilians while his ally is in a panic. Jogo tries to push people in Satoru's way and strike from behind, but the Infinity is able to stop the person in mid-air and as well as Jogo's punch.

Jogo doesn't want to allow Hanami's death to be in vain, he runs away and plans on buying time with hit-and-run attacks with Domain Amplification. He yells out in a panic, demanding Choso do something before he's next to die. Choso nonchalantly shoots three blood arrows from a good distance down the platform. The Infinity stops them and Satoru makes note of Choso's location but chooses to ignore him because his technique's range is likely reaching its limit.

The Mei Mei Team regroups and arrives at B5F too late.

Non-sorcerers who can't see curses are starting to avoid Satoru and if their numbers keep dwindling Satoru will get a chance to spot Jogo. Deactivating the Limitless to lure the curses out and strengthening it to exorcise them up close are both hands Satoru has already played. It would be unfortunate if they launch another large-scale attack. Satoru can't save everyone, but he promises to exorcise the curses and avenge them in return.

Still worrying, Jogo believes that twenty minutes should already have passed. Down the Fukutoshin Line Platform, Pseudo-Geto waits with Dagon and states they need to get the great Gojo on edge more before they make a move.

Mahito brings a train full of transfigured humans to Satoru Gojo.

Meanwhile, at Meiji-Jingumae Station B4F, the Mei Mei Team regroups and heads down toward B5F on the Fukutoshin Line Platform. On the way down, Mei Mei commends Yuji and states his strength is on par with a grade 1 sorcerer. He's the first she's known since Atsuya Kusakabe to be this skilled without an innate technique. Yuji replies by revealing that it wasn't Mahito on B2F and it wouldn't have been as easy. Carrying his sister's battle axe, Ui Ui sternly tells Yuji to graciously accepts his sister's compliment.

They reach B5F and find a civilian down there but his head transfigures and he dies. Mahito was here but he already left, frustrating Yuji. Before the man died, he mentioned everyone was on the train. This makes Yuji realize that it's headed straight for where Gojo is. Back at Hikarie ShinQ's, Satoru is surprised to see the train arriving. Some of the civilians attempt to get on and flee, but it's stuffed with transfigured humans that start attacking as soon as they're let loose.

Satoru watches in horror while Mahito hops out of the train to greet Jogo. Mahito says they should keep a few humans around and hunt them in the forest on weekends. Jogo wants to burn down the forest but Mahito mentions Hanami would be upset. Jogo reveals that Hanami is dead, surprising Mahito.

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