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The Shibuya Incident, Part 3 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 3?) is the eighty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The battle between Satoru Gojo and the special grade curses continues below Shibuya Station. The evildoers continue trying to execute their plan, but Satoru proves once again why he's the best, countering them at every turn.

Plot Details

"Weren't you the ones who told me... to not run away?"

Jogo and Hanami are intimidated by Satoru's threats. He tells them to come and fight since they were the ones who said not to run away. Without fear, Satoru walks right up to Jogo's face and ignores Hanami beside him. They both move to attack but Satoru counters Jogo's hand with his own physical body. He avoids Hanami's attempt at a strike and snaps Jogo's arm clean off. He uses to block Hanami's follow-up attack and continues to chase after Jogo.

Hanami realizes Satoru only made the threat earlier to confuse them, and not only that, Satoru has completely deactivated his Limitless technique. He questions if Satoru plans to abandon focusing on his technique and plans to fight in close quarters. Hanami decides it's best to activate his innate technique in this situation. However, this turns out to be a fatal mistake. Jogo turns back to yell at Hanani, reminding him not to deactivate his Domain Amplification.

Gojo's leads Hananmi straight into his trap.

Satoru turns back and grabs the tree branches growing out of Hanami's eye sockets. The strongest sorcerer forcibly pulls out the branches completely from Hanami's shell. He knew that the curses wouldn't be able to use the barrier technique and their innate technique at the same time. Jogo runs away in fear, shocked that Satoru is so powerful while only using cursed energy manipulation and physical attacks.

Choso attempts to hit Gojo with Blood Manipulation while killing civilians along the way but it's stopped by the Infinity. Satoru recognizes that Choso is a Death Painting and decides to ignore him for now so he can deal with the two more proactive curses. Jogo and Hanami both attack him again with Domain Amplification. However, this time Satoru can counter by strengthening the Infinity because Hanami is in a weakened state.

Yuji's reaction to learning Mahito is involved in the Shibuya Incident.

Satoru turns to Hanami and crushes him against the wall with the expanded Limitless. Jogo attempts to divert his attention by threatening civilians but Satoru doesn't hesitate to crush Hanami completely, annihilating the curse with nothing left but a giant crater in the wall. With Hanami exorcised, Satoru turns back to meet the despaired Jogo's gaze and claims he's next.

Near exit 2 of the Meiji-Jingumae Station, an auxiliary manager meets with the Mei Mei Team to debrief them on developments in the Shibuya Incident. They already know about the curtain surrounding the station which is trapping non-sorcerers. A new barrier has appeared on the Fukutoshin Line Platform after Gojo entered to keep sorcerers out. Between the two curtains is the caster, who's taking that risk in order to strengthen the barrier. Two other managers have already been taken out and in between the barriers are several transfigured humans. This forces Yuji to recall Mahito's face, shocking the young man with the revelation that his nemesis must be near.

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