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The Shibuya Incident, Part 1 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 1?) is the eighty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Shibuya Incident begins! A massive curtain imbued with special conditions is trapping civilians in Shibuya and each one of them has been told to beg for the same thing: "bring Satoru Gojo". While four teams of jujutsu sorcerers wait outside the perimeter, the cursed spirits waiting underground for Gojo are ready to spring their trap.

Plot Details

The record of the Shibuya Incident begins at 7:00 pm when a curtain is cast with a four-hundred-meter radius in the middle of Shibuya City. Non-sorcerers can enter the curtain but they can't exit, trapping them inside. Jujutsu sorcerers and managers can move through it as they please but the reception is blocked so all communication has to be maintained outside the curtain.

Non-sorcerers trapped in the curtain asking for Satoru Gojo.

Kiyotaka Ijichi informs the Nanami Team of the situation outside the curtain in the Tokyo Metro, Shibuya Station. It consists of Nanami, Megumi, and Takuma Ino. Nanami expresses the situation is quite a pain while Ino tries to inform Megumi more about the curtain.

Conditions added to curtains generally revolve around curses, therefore reception being blocked is a secondary effect. Megumi already knows this, so Nanami tells Ino to stop showing off just because he's older. Ino takes exception to that comment but Nanami ignores him and asks Ijichi where Gojo is.

Meanwhile, just outside the Shibuya Mark City business center, there is nobody outside the normally busy intersection in front of the station. Something terrible happened and everyone spread out near the perimeter of the curtain. They're all asking for the same thing, "bring Satoru Gojo". Akari Nitta relays this information to the Zenin Team consisting of Nobara, Maki, and the head of the Zenin Family, Naobito Zenin.

Satoru Gojo arrives!

Naobito understands that the non-sorcerers were told to say it. Sorcerers are free to move in and out of the curtain, so that makes it impossible for them to break the barrier with brute force. The ideal strategy is to look for and neutralize the curse user who cast the curtain. However, each team is on standby for now because the higher-ups decided Gojo should work alone to suppress the Shibuya Incident as quickly as possible.

The Kusakabe Team consists of only Panda and the second-year teacher himself, Atsuya Kusakabe. He tells Panda that Mei Mei has a squad as well as they wait outside Jr Shibuya Station. All the squads' assignments are to secure the perimeter of the curtain and take care of anything that might slip past Gojo. Panda understands not wanting any unnecessary jujutsu sorcerers injured while they can't communicate inside the curtain anyway. As for the civilians, Kusakabe insists that inside the curtain is relatively peaceful. Civilians are panicked but there isn't anyone or anything going around killing them. With that being the case, Kusakabe still wouldn't go back inside because there are a bunch of special grade curses inside the Shibuya Hikarie Building.

Satoru Gojo welcomes the challenge of suppressing the incident alone.

Inside the curtain, the civilians dressed in their Halloween costumes all discuss the situation. They want Gojo to hurry and show so they can leave and people are losing their patience. Two girls compare it to a horror movie where they're all trapped. Another guy tells them about the incident where everyone got sucked into the station while waiting at the intersection outside Shibuya Mark City, just as Akari had mentioned earlier.

At 8:31 pm, Satoru Gojo arrives inside the curtain and makes his way inside Hikarie ShinQ's Shibuya shopping mall, hundreds of Halloween-dressing civilians are huddled closely together inside. Satoru analyzes the situation and heads straight down to the BF5, the lowest level basement where the subway operates. He figures he has an idea of the enemy's plan and invites them to try their best.

Jogo, Hanami, and Choso confront the strongest sorcerer.

At Aoyama Cemetery, the Mei Mei Team awaits further instructions. Yuji is eager to help and Mei Mei surmises they'll be called in as back up shortly. Ui Ui, Mei Mei's younger brother feels that she shouldn't be used in such a way. They get a message that another curtain has appeared to coincide with Gojo's arrival. Mei Mei's team runs towards the Meiji-Jingu-Mae Station and Yuji assures Mei Mei he can keep up.

Satoru descends into the Tokyo Metro BF5 on the Fukutoshin Platform where he's confronted by Jogo, Hanami, and Choso. Satoru tells Jogo not to have an excuse this time and Jogo replies that the strongest sorcerer should have his first-ever excuse ready.

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