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Evening Festival, Part 3 ( (よい) (まつ) り- (さん) - Yoimatsuri -san-?) is the eighty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Trapped inside Mahito's Self-Embodiment of Perfection Kokichi appears to have lost it all in just a moment. However, Kokichi survives and turns the tables using New Shadow Style: Simple Domain. The Evening Festival reaches its conclusion and the promised day in Shibuya finally arrives.

Plot Details

New Shadow Style: Simple Domain!

Idle Transfiguration automatically hits within Mahito's Domain Expansion. Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute collapses, appearing to signal Kokichi's demise.

Confident in his automatic win strategy with Domain Expansion, Mahito turns his back to the giant cursed corpse and states Kokichi shouldn't put so much faith into a strategy. October 31st is in ten days, leaving Mahito plenty of time to regenerate cursed energy after using Domain Expansion. Suddenly, Mechamaru gets back up stabs the spike on his middle finger through Mahito's back. As he's lifted in the air by the giant hand with a spike piercing his stomach, Mahito turns his head with a confused look. Kokichi meets his glare from within Mechamaru's cockpit and recalls having seen it all.

The technique tubes contain Simple Domain, the domain for the weak invented in the Heian Era by a jujutsu sorcerer looking to protect their followers during the Golden Age of Jujutsu. There are four tubes that contain Simple Domain, the first failed, the second protected the cockpit, and the appears to finish off Mahito for good.

Mahito turns the tables on Kokichi once again.

Mechamaru roars and Kokichi believes he's won. Pseudo-Geto is impressed the jujutsu sorcerer managed to use Simple Domain. Kokichi turns his weapons towards Geto, ready to use his remaining nine years to finish him off. However, the driver's area abruptly crumbles away from the impact of Mahito's enlarged fist. Horrified, Kokichi looks out of the broken cockpit to see Mahito's deranged smile.

Kokichi's dream comes to a tragic end.

Kokichi takes the last technique tube and desperately rushes to stab Mahito with it. Mahito uses a grotesque millipede-like form to crawl into the cockpit area and their hands pass each other at the same time. Kokichi recalls talking with Kasumi about her coming to visit her and getting to know one another better. She made a promise to come to see him, but Mahito has ensured that will never happen. Mechamaru collapses for good, with it's pilot's blood dripping from the puppet's giant head.

Mahito and Geto make their leave following the fight. Geto suggests Mahito was cutting it a little close but Mahito believes it was all according to plan. He's glad to have seen Simple Domain, a splendid technique, before the main event in Shibuya. Geto claims his curse users have finished adjusting the terms of the Commissioned Curtains and there shouldn't be any issue activating them with empowered words.

Ten days later, the fateful day arrives: October 31, 2018, in Shibuya.

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