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Evening Festival, Part 2 ( (よい) (まつ) -弐- () Yoimatsuri -ni-?) is the eighty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The battle between Kokichi and Mahito rages on! The puppet manipulator manages to find an advantage in his fight with the special grade cursed spirit. However, just as his dream is just within reach, Kokichi plays directly into Mahito's hands.

Plot Details

Kokichi gains the upper hand against Mahito.

Mahito extends his arm and grabs onto Mechamaru Absolute's head to accurately deliver a cursed energy infused punch. It's a direct hit, vigorously shaking the kockpit. Kokichi acknowledges that Mahito's strength can break Mechamaru's armor apart.

Kokichi inserts a tube into one of the side panels beside him and activates a cursed technique charge. The tip of Mechamaru's finger splits open to reveal a small canon. It fires a spiked projectile that stabs into Mahito as he's flying around with wings.

Mechamaru trying desperately to finish Mahito off.

Initially, Mahito doesn't see it as a threat but suddenly his wing explodes, leaving him open to get smacked aside by Mechamaru. Mahito crashes through several trees, confused as to how his soul was destroyed. Mechamaru unleashes a series of rapid punches upon the forest area, forcing Mahito to fly away in retreat in the form of a bird. Kokichi notices Mahito reshaping himself to hide his injury, making the puppet manipulator more confident he can win.

Even Pseudo-Geto, who's still spectating, acknowledges that Kokichi is skilled and his strategies are working against Mahito. Kokichi uses five-year charge: Pigeon Viola, to send five cannons of cursed energy at his opponent.

"And... now we're done."

Mahito shapeshifts and tries to avoid the beams, but he's taken by surprise when Mechamaru crushes him from above. The curse narrowly avoids getting smashes but Mechamaru follows up with another strike that sends Mahito flying back into the forest. Kokichi activates another cursed technique charge, reshaping Mechamaru's middle finger into a spike. He's confident that he'll be able to achieve his dream and meet up with everyone. However, the worst-case scenario occurs when Mahito activates his Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection!

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