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Evening Festival ( (よい) (まつ) Yoimatsuri?) is the eightieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Following a long-standing agreement gone wrong, Kokichi and Mahito finally come to blows. Geto makes sure he doesn't escape, so Kokichi's only chance is to use Mechamaru's best abilities to exorcise Mahito and warn Satoru Gojo of their plans for him on October 31st in Shibuya.

Plot Details

Mahito crushes all the Mechamarus in one blow.

Kokichi Muta calls an army of Mechamarus to his side as his confrontation with Geto and Mahito escalates.

Geto offers his help but Mahito firmly states that Kokichi is his toy. He enlarges his arm and smashes the wave of Mechamarus aside. Kokichi disappears in the confusion and Mahito figures he ran away without any reason to kill them. Bored, Mahito claims he's not very in the mood for hunting. Suddenly, the underground lair collapses, forcing Mahito to quickly escape outdoors.

Mahito looks at the giant lake with an excited smile as Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute appears and is ready to fight. He's impressed Kokichi was building something like this during his time as a shut-in. Kokichi is piloting this giant cursed corpse from within its head doing final check-ups on the operating system.

Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute!

The jujutsu sorcerer notices a curtain forming around the area and figures Geto is the caster. The only way for Kokichi to get out of this is to escape the curtain and reach Satoru Gojo. However, the only way to do so would be to deal with Mahito first.

Kokichi understands that he's not likely to escape but places his bet on there's still being a chance. He doesn't plan on holding back and will use all seventeen years, five minutes, and six days' worth of cursed energy he's accumulated to win. He starts off with an entire year worth of cursed energy and blasts Mahito with Ultra Cannon.

The special grade knows these types of attacks won't be effective enough on his body and dives into the water. Using a two-year charge of cursed energy, Kokichi blasts the entire lake with Miracle Cannon! Despite Mode: Absolute's best efforts, Mahito leaps from the water ready to strike. Kokichi believes he's overlooking Mechamaru's offense, so now it's time to put his secret plan into action.

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