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A Taste of Things to Come (これからの (はなし) Korekara no hanashi?) is the seventy-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru Gojo meets first grade Megumi Fushiguro and explains his situation with the Zenin Family. Satoru promises to take care of everything for the kid and lays the seeds for what would become a prospering mentor-student relationship eleven years later. Back in the present year of 2018, the mole of Jujutsu High is uncovered as the calendar approaches October 31st in Shibuya.

Plot Details

Satoru tells Megumi that he'll handle everything regarding Megumi and the Zenins.

Satoru finds and speaks with Toji's son, a young Megumi Fushiguro. He tells Megumi that his father is from the Zenin Family which he left to have his son.

The Zenin clan loves people blessed with a cursed technique. Megumi is approaching the age where his technique will manifest, which makes it the perfect time to sell him to the Zenins. This was Toji's trump card against them, which is unfortunate for Megumi.

The first grader replies that he doesn't care about his father and Tsumiki's mother hasn't returned in a while either. He believes they used the "divorce money" to run off and live happily together without them. Satoru asks Megumi if he wants to go to the Zenin family but the boy is only worried about what happens to Tsumiki.

Satoru taunts him about it just to get a rise out Megumi. When the youngster gives him a fierce scowl for insisting there's no way Tsumiki would be happy, Satoru is satisfied. He promises to take care of things for Megumi and asks him to get strong.

Mechamaru aka Kokichi Muta is confirmed to be Jujutsu High's mole.

Eleven years later in the present on October 19, 2018, Gojo sensei wakes up from his dream of all these past events in his life. He awakens to his three students, including Megumi looking at him. Gojo smirks at his long time protégé, proud of how he's grown since then, confusing Megumi. Shortly afterward, Gojo informs them about the Jujutsu High's mole and sends them to meet up with Utahime. She tells them that there are two moles, one of which is one of the Jujutsu Higher-Ups. Since they can't do anything about that presently, their main target is whoever is feeding information to that higher-up.

Mahito's Idle Transfiguration restores Kokichi's body in exchange for the information he's been feeding them.

Nobara asks if the mole is someone from Kyoto, surprising Yuji. As Utahime prepares to reveal to them who it is, elsewhere, Kasumi meets with Mechamaru. She tells him that their notebooks are due today and he replies that he's going to sleep for the day. Back at Mechamaru's alleged hideout, Utahime informs the Tokyo first years that it has to be him by the process of elimination.

Using Puppet Manipulation to steal information wouldn't be difficult for someone like Mechamaru. At the same time, Kokichi Muta prepares for his visitors. However, Yuji busts down the door to a fake hideout, confirming to them that he's the mole. At his actual hideout, Kokichi meets with Mahito and Pseudo-Geto. He berates them for taking so along but Geto assures him that they would never break their binding vow.

Kokichi argues they did break the binding vow by injuring people from Kyoto but Mahito claims that was Hanami's doing. He demands he hurry and heal him, annoying Mahito. However, Geto very explicitly explains that they cannot risk breaking a binding vow with another person. Mahito begrudgingly uses Idle Transfiguration to heal Kokichi, giving him a healthy body for the first time. Mahito says he should be more enthusiastic but Kokichi is saving that for after they settle their business. With no more words left that need to be exchanged, Kokichi and Mahito face off.

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