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Premature Death, Part 3 ( (ぎょく) (せつ) - (さん) - Gyokusetsu -san-?) is the seventy-eight chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Suguru has made his decision to reject non-sorcerers. Shortly after his turn to darkness, Suguru is confronted by his best friend where they are forced to part ways for good.

Plot Details

Satoru learns what his best friend has become.

Yaga sensei is tasked with giving Satoru the horrible news surrounding Suguru. Neither of them can make sense of what happening with their misguided ally, making Satoru panic for the first time. Meanwhile in Shinjuku, Shoko is confronted by Suguru while she's smoking. They have a conversation about the allegations against Suguru with a friendly tone but Shoko is quick to contact Satoru.

Shortly after, Satoru finds Suguru walking through the crowd and demands an explanation. Just as he told Shoko, he wants to build a world without curses and and non-sorcerers. Not even Suguru's parents were spared, making Satoru question Suguru's morals. Suguru believes there is meaning in all their deaths. Satoru claims that his goal is pointless but Suguru believes his friend could do it by himself so its not impossible. If they could switch places, the impossible could become possible. Suguru decides to leave after confirming this is the life he has chosen.

Satoru tracks down Suguru.

Suguru says that Satoru should kill him if he wants since there is meaning is that too. As Suguru walks away with the crowd, Satoru begins to aim his Hollow Technique: Purple at him. However, Satoru ends up being unable to kill his best friend, allowing Suguru to get away. He meets up with Yaga later and reveals he was unable to take Suguru out. Even though Satoru is the strongest, he's realized that he can only save those prepared to be saved.

"I don't like moneys. That's the truth I chose."

At the building that once served as the Time Vessel Association Headquarters, Suguru comes before a new congregation made up of the remnants of the Star Religious Group and like minded people. Suguru wishes to talk them all over, serving as a priest who can free people of their curses. This way he can collect money and curses at the same time. There are numerous voices of opposition, so Suguru makes an example out of Sonoda by brutally smashing him on stage. The next time he addresses the crowd he isn't friendly. Instead he demands all the "monkeys" to obey him.

Elsewhere, Satoru finds a young Megumi Fushiguro. The young Megumi questions the strange man and asks why he's looking at him strangely. Satoru appears annoyed because Megumi looks exactly like Toji.

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