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Premature Death ( (ぎょく) (せつ) Gyokusetsu?) is the seventy-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of their failed escort, Satoru and Suguru question what the importance is of being a sorcerer. A year later, Satoru improves his abilities even further and becomes known as the strongest. At the same time, Suguru begins to fall into self isolation, constantly questioning his morals when it comes to non-sorcerers.

Plot Details

Satoru recovers Riko Amanai's body.

Suguru makes his way to the House of the Star and is surprised to find Toji's inventory curse injured on the ground. He goes inside to find Satoru holding Riko's covered corpse, surrounded by the worshippers applauding her death. Shocked by how much Satoru has changed, Suguru even questions if he's the same person. Satoru asks if Suguru feels like killing all the non-sorcerers around them because in his current state of mind he doesn't think he'd feel anything. Suguru replies that it's pointless since the one's in charge fled.

Now that the sorcerers are still involved the Time Vessel Association can't talk themselves out of this situation anymore. As a group with problems to begin with, the Star Religious Group will disband with time. Satoru questions if there even needs to be a reason but Suguru assures him there does, especially for jujutsu sorcerers.


One year later in August 2007, Satoru demonstrates to Suguru and Shoko his ability to automatically activate and utilize the infinity. He now possesses an automatic targeting option for jujutsu that can distinguish between mass speed, shape, and intensity of fused energy all in order to ascertain the danger of any approaching object. Now Satoru can almost always have the Limitless active with minimal resources. Normally doing so would fry his brain, but using a reversed cursed technique at the same time keeps him fresh.

"What kind of girls do you like?"

As Satoru tells them about his other improvements, Suguru can't help but notice that Satoru alone became "the strongest". Now that he can handle any mission on his own, Suguru will be going on more assignments alone as well. With last years frequent disasters, curses spawned all over Japan making it a busy summer for sorcerers. The endless cycle of exorcism and consumption using his curse spirit manipulation was beginning to weigh on Suguru. He's beginning to lose his way due to the hideous evil of humanity. He wants to follow through with his duty as a sorcerer, but Suguru can't help but think of all those followers of the star as monkeys.

After Suguru takes a shower he waits around in a room alone to think until Yu Haibara comes to give him some company. He tells him about his far away mission the next day and they discuss souvenirs until Suguru decides to ask Haibara if he's okay with being a sorcerer. Haibara replies that he's not the type to think about tough questions but giving his all toward something he can help with provides a great feeling for him. Suguru agrees and suddenly they're both confronted by a woman, asking what kind of girls they're into.

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