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Hidden Inventory, Part 10 ( (かい) (ぎょく) (じゅう) Kaigyoku -jū-?) is the seventy-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Toji ends up being the one to complete his mission, delivering Riko's corpse to the Time Vessel Association. After completing his task, Toji leaves only to find that his fight is not over. A dead man walking, Satoru Gojo waits for him.

Plot Details

Toji delivers the Star Plasma Vessel's corpse to the Star Religious Group.

At the Time Vessel Association Head Quarters: House of the Children of the Star, Toji delivers Star Plasma Vessel's corpse to a direct representative of the Star Religious Group: Shigeru Sonoda. He confirms her death and states they will pay Toji extra for his troubles.

Master Tengen began spreading Japanese Buddhism in the Nara Period and preached what would become the foundation of jujutsu sorcerers. The worlds of jujutsu and religion do not agree and from that disparity the Time Vessel Association was born. Due to this, jujutsu sorcerers can't harm the group while non-curse users are perfect candidates to work for them. The Time Vessel Association couldn't afford to allow an impure merger to take place, and they are ready to fall alongside the star if need be.

Satoru returns from the dead to confront Toji.

Toji thinks Shigeru is crazy and asks the middle man why he didn't kill the maid. Instead of using Kuroi's death, he created a false sense of security from the rescue. This helped Toji, who the middle man believes he owes a bit of a debt. They used a private jet to transport the hostage to Okinawa, which Toji and the middle man both think is hilarious. Toji asks him to go out for food, but the man says he'd only associate with Toji in business or in hell.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

As Toji exits the premises, he runs into a restored Satoru Gojo. He's very surprised to see someone he killed not to long ago. Satoru reveals he used a reverse cursed technique to heal himself and claims Toji has lost for not cutting his head off. Overusing the Six Eyes to process Limitless as well as the reversed cursed technique has taxed Satoru's brain, making him delirious with a crazed demeanor. He begins rambling about how he learned to pull off the reverse cursed technique. At the very edge of death, Satoru experienced and understood the core of cursed energy.

Insulted by the idea that he's lost, Toji takes out the Inverted Spear of Heaven and claims the battle is just beginning. Satoru gets excited, agreeing with Toji completely. Toji attempts to blitz Satoru, slashing at him several times. However, Satoru is able to avoid them and manages to get behind Toji and levitates in the air. Toji turns to face him in time, but Gojo learns to flow the reverse cursed energy into the Limitless technique to successfully unleash the Cursed Technique Reversal: Red.

The explosive repulsion power sends Toji flying a great several hundred meters. As Satoru floats proudly with an insane smirk on his face, Toji acknowledges that his young opponent is a monster.

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