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Hidden Inventory, Part 9 ( (かい) (ぎょく) () Kaigyoku -ku-?) is the seventy-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


With the Escort Mission turning out a complete disaster, Suguru fights to avenge everyone. He pulls out some of the strongest curses he has to offer, but are they any match for Toji?

Plot Details

Toji explains how he managed to remain invisible as he infiltrated the school.

The majority of the barriers protecting Tokyo Jujutsu High are simply hiding it. So long as someone knows their location in advance, they could easily locate the Tombs of the Star and the Cursed Warehouse. Jujutsu sorcerers are busy this time of year so Toji is an invisible man because he has no cursed energy. However, once he holds on to a cursed tool, that is imbued with cursed energy that makes him detectible.

Suguru attempts to attack Toji with his Rainbow Dragon and the assassin fires more rounds at Suguru while he continues talking. Toji manages to avoid Suguru's curse and continues explaining how he managed to infiltrate the school. He swallowed the cursed spirit he uses to store his curse tools, allowing him to stay invisible even with that.

Suguru uses some of his most powerful curses to attack.

Suguru interrupts Toji, demanding he stop talking. He knows that revealing certain information can improve his heavenly restriction. What he doesn't know is how he tracked them to the entrance into the tombs. No residuals were left behind, but Toji used more practical methods of tracking to follow them. His lack of cursed energy makes sharpens his five sense to their peak, allowing him to detect cursed spirits as well. Suguru asks about Kuroi, but Toji isn't even sure if she's dead or not.

Despite all their blessings, one by one the sorcerers fall to Toji's strength.

Rainbow Dragon attacks again but this time Toji slashes it apart with ease using his katana-like cursed tool. Suguru is shocked because Rainbow Dragon has the hardest skin among his cursed spirits. Toji isn't impressed by Suguru's technique but he's suddenly caught inside the second spirit's Innate Domain. This unwillingly places Toji into a pact that will keep the domain their until the question is answered. The Imaginary Vengeful Spirit asks if she's pretty, but Toji replies that she isn't his type.

Toji caught in the the Domain of an Imaginary Vengeful Spirit.

The Vengeful Spirit's domain disappears, allowing Toji to see the scissors floating around him. They're close to his body, ready to cut him apart, but Toji effortlessly deflects all the blades with the Inverted Spear of Heaven. Suguru comes in close and attempts to absorb Toji's inventory curse, but it rejects him somehow. Toji draws a second blade from his curse and slashes both Suguru and his curse, defeating them both in an instant.

Toji puts Suguru down and incapacitates him, claiming he would have killed him but he could possibly release all the cursed spirits he's taken in if he dies. Still unimpressed, Toji tells Suguru to thank his parents for his blessing. Despite all their blessing and abilities, they all lost to a simple monkey who can't even use jujutsu. Toji's monologue reminds him that Megumi means blessings and that's what he named his son.

At the same time in the foothills of Jujutsu High. Satoru's hand twitches, showing signs of life.

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