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Hidden Inventory, Part 8 ( (かい) (ぎょく) (はち) Kaigyoku -hachi-?) is the seventy-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru Gojo has been killed!? The escort team nearly completes their mission until the former member of the Zenin Family changes everything.

Plot Details

Toji finishes off Satoru.

Using the special grade cursed tool: Inverted Spear of Heaven, Toji nullifies Satoru's technique and cuts him down with a flurry of slashes in a flash, leaving the young Satoru in a bloody heap and appearing to be dead.

In the catacombs at at the Bottom of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Kuroi says her final goodbyes to Riko. They cry and remind each other they with love one another always. Suguru stands by to complete the escort and shows Riko the Main Hall of the Tombs of the Star.

Suguru gives Riko directions to Master Tengen, who's protected by a barrier that only allows those invited inside. She can join with them until the merger or turn back and return home with Kuroi. Before the mission began, Satoru and Suguru agreed they would call of the mission if the Star Plasma Vessel didn't agree. Yaga sensei made it seem as if the erasure of the Star Plasma Vessel as if it was something wrong.

Suguru fights to avenge his friends.

Riko has been alone most of her life and different from other people. Her parents died so she believed that she would be okay leaving everyone behind. However, after spending time with everyone on the escort, Riko cries and admits she wants to stay. Suguru offers to take Riko's hand and take her home. She agrees but is suddenly shot in the head, shocking Suguru.

As Riko's corpse lays before Suguru, Toji reveals himself and states its time to wrap things up. Suguru asks why, and Toji tells him that he killed Satoru Gojo. Suguru believes him and brings out two of his strongest cursed spirits immediately.

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