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Hidden Inventory, Part 7 ( (かい) (ぎょく) (しち) Kaigyoku -shichi-?) is the seventy-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Toji Fushiguro finally appears and makes his move to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel. First he must defeat the prodigy of the Gojo Family. Satoru believes he can hold off the Sorcerer Killer while Suguru completes their mission, but Toji has a surprise in store.

Plot Details

Toji visiting Satoru in the past to see what the news is about.

Satoru slightly recognizes Toji because he once went to see the young Gojo boy while he was a child. He was a big deal, and the first and last person to notice Toji's presence behind them. He waited until Suguru was worn down to strike, stabbing him from behind in a surprise. Satoru forces him up into the air and Suguru summons his giant man-eating hookworm curse to devour the Sorcerer Killer.

Suguru rushes to his friends side but Satoru assures him that his would isn't too severe. He reinforced it with cursed energy to reduce any further damage. Satoru asks Suguru to take Riko to Master Tengen's place while he takes care of the assassin. He, Riko, and Kuroi leave the area as Toji slashes his way out of the giant curse and exorcises it.

Satoru is forced to engage the Sorcerer Killer in fierce combat.

Toji looks around for the Star Plasma Vessel and claims he's getting rusty for not killing Satoru in one blow. Satoru taunts Toji, stating that the bounty has been lifted but Toji reveals he's the one who took it down. He finds it funny they went to Okinawa and adds that he had to create an opening with the illusion of goals using the time limit. No sorcerers from Gojo's side were killed, but Toji still managed to get him to deactivate his cursed technique.

Satoru unleashes Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue on Toji, sending him flying using a magnetic field of attraction. However, Toji is fast enough to evade the technique. This makes Satoru realize that Toji has zero cursed energy, meaning he's using nothing but innate physical prowess to fight. Satoru can't read his moves, but he's able to knock Toji away once he advances. He recognizes that his opponent knows about the Limitless technique and likely has a plan.

Special grade cursed tool: Inverted Spear of Heaven. Effect: Forced stoppage of all cursed techniques.

Toji disappears into the nearby buildings and Satoru can't sense him without cursed energy. He decides to clear the area of all possible blind spots using Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue. The jujutsu student believes his enemy may be hiding in the forest, and is surprised when a swarm of Fly Heads appears. He believes that they were kept in the same cursed spirit that been storing Toji's weapons, and Toji's plan might be connected to the cursed tool he took out of it as well.

With his view blocked again by this mock chaff grenade, Satoru plans on using Blue again until he realizes that Toji might have left and gone straight after Riko. While Satoru is distracted with that thought on his mind, Toji suddenly appears behind him. Satoru notices in time but his Six Eyes recognize the foreign cursed energy flowing out of Toji's cursed tool. This puts Satoru on the defensive, sealing his fate. Toji stabs Satoru though the neck with the special grade cursed tool: Inverted Spear of Heaven. It has the ability to force the stoppage of all cursed techniques.

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