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Hidden Inventory, Part 6 ( (かい) (ぎょく) (ろく) Kaigyoku -roku-?) is the seventieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru, Suguru, and Riko track down and rescues Kuroi from members of the Time Vessel Association in Okinawa. They decide to spend the rest of their time relaxing while waiting out the time limit of the bounty. Once the group finally reaches Jujutsu High to complete the escort mission, there is a surprise waiting for the prodigy of the Gojo Family.

Plot Details

Riko expresses her desire to help rescue Kuroi.

Suguru apologizes to Riko and Suguru for leaving Kuroi behind without considering her importance to the enemy.

Satoru believes their enemies will try to pull of a trade. He knows they have the upper hand and plans on coordinating with their opponents to rescue Kuroi. Riko refuses because she hasn't gotten to say goodbye to her yet and worries that the merge will occur before hand.

Satoru assumes the enemy will contact them soon and agrees to bring Riko along as she isn't scared or lowers the chances of Kuroi's survival. The kidnappers demand Okinawa as a meeting spot where Satoru, Suguru, and Amanai are able to rescue Kuroi and apprehend the kidnappers. They decide to enjoy themselves and hit the beach before finally heading to Jujutsu High later. The next day Amanai's bounty will be lifted and hopefully the escort will be completed.

The group saves Kuroi and celebrates with a beach day!

At the beach, Kuroi apologizes for being captured by a non-sorcerer member of the Time Vessel Association. Suguru shares blame with her and explains that they were able to travel safely on a plane aided by their abilities. They wonder why Okinawa was chosen as the meeting spot and Kuroi suggests that maybe they'll attack the airport. Jujutsu High took precautions by sending in first-years Yu Haibara and Kento Nanami to guard the premises.

Just when the mission appears to be over, Toji suddenly stabs Satoru from behind.

The always negative Nanami is counteracted by Haibara's upbeat attitude. While both of them are committed do their duty, Satoru messes around with Riko and the others at the beach. He decides to leave Okinawa tomorrow instead to avoid interactions with more curse users. Suguru is worried that Satoru's cursed technique is taxing his body, but Satoru assures Suguru that his presence makes everything okay. Haibara and Nanami are "thrilled" to learn they have to stay one more day. That night, Riko enjoys food and an aquarium with everyone.

On the final day of the escort, Riko successfully reaches the foothills of Tokoyo Jujutsu High four hours after her bounty is lifted. They pass through a number of torii gates, putting them inside Jujutsu High's barrier. With the mission almost complete, Satoru deactivates his technique. However, he's suddenly stabbed from behind by Toji Fushiguro. Satoru asks if he knows this man from somewhere but Toji tells his not to worry about remembering some guy's name.

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