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Fearsome Womb, Part 2 ( (じゅ) (たい) (たい) (てん) - () - Jutaitaiten -ni-?) is the seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Megumi find themselves at the mercy of a special grade cursed spirit. Helpless in battle, Yuji bets its all on a last resort plan to use Sukuna to their advantage. However, Megumi must first find Nobara and escape the facility before Sukuna can be unleashed.

Plot Details

As Megumi falls downward through the building, he calls on his flying shikigami, Nue to secure him before falling to his demise. He hopes that neither of his classmates perish in this event as he runs to try and locate Nobara's position.

Yuji holds off the curse to buy time for Megumi.

Meanwhile, Yuji continues to fight despite only having one hand. He recalls telling Sukuna that he can't run away and tries to bait him into switching. However, Sukuna refused and threatened to kill both Yuji's friends if they switch.

Yuji told Megumi to find Nobara and escape, and to give him the signal once they're out. Megumi initially refuses, but Yuji points out that the curse is underestimating them. Against his best judgment, Megumi leaves to follow Yuji's plan.

Yuji is completely outmatched by the pure strength of the special grade curse. He loses the fingers on his only remaining hand while barely hanging on to life. He's only trying to buy time, but reality sets in that Yuji might actually die in this battle. He's deeply disappointed with how weak he truly is.

Megumi rescues Nobara in time.

Elsewhere, Nobara kills the majority of her enemies but is eventually bested by their numbers. Before she's devoured, Megumi rescues her using his Toad shikigami.

Back at his fight with the special grade curse, Yuji finds himself helpless against the monster. He's disheartened by his own weakness until he realizes he can use these negative feelings to harness curse energy.

Yuji attempts to gather cursed energy into his hand and strikes his opponent. It appears to have no effect and all is seemingly lost. However, Yuji hears a howl from one of Megumi's Divine Dogs and realizes this is the signal. He unleashes Sukuna's consciousness, and the King of Curses is annoyed with his counterpart for his clever plan.

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