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Hidden Inventory, Part 5 ( (かい) (ぎょく) () Kaigyoku -go-?) is the sixty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru Gojo manages to take Riko Amanai out of her music class and rushes to escape the school before encountering one of the intruders. To ensure the safety of the Star Plasma Vessel, Satoru unleashes the powers of his Limitless technique.

Plot Details

Satoru tracks down Riko and attempts to escape with her.

Satoru barges into the girl's chapel yelling for Riko, surprising everyone inside and embarrassing Riko.

The young girls are enthralled by how cute Satoru is so they start asking Riko questions. Satoru even takes off his sunglasses for them, annoying Riko with his confidence. The teacher makes the girls settle down and momentarily scolds Satoru before giving away her number. While all the girls continue to argue.

Satoru grabs Riko and escapes the chapel with her. She's annoyed he didn't follow her requests but Satoru explains that curse users have attacked the school. Satoru wants to head straight for Jujutsu High, but as he runs across one of the rooftops with the girl, he's spotted by a curse user. He doesn't recognize the guy with her but he does notice the girl.

Misato Kuroi confronts the curse user from behind and asks if he's with the Time Vessel Association or Q. They engage in a short scuffle that ends with incapacitating the man by striking him below the belt. Suguru Geto arrives shortly after, surprised by her strength. Based on their conversation the curse user is able to confirm the girl he saw is the bounty. Suddenly he melts into a puddle of mud, making Kuroi question if it was a shikigami.

A clone curse user is forced to get familiar with Satoru's Limitless technique.

Suguru calls Satoru and informs him that there is a thirty-million-yen bounty on Riko's head with a time limit on a dark website for curse users. Satoru understands and hangs up the phone, as he and Riko are both surrounded by four of the same curse user.

Satoru fails to unleash the Cursed Technique Reversal of the Limitless.

Riko also thinks that curse user's clones are shikigami while Satoru says their opponent should be a jujutsu sorcerer. The curse user refuses and forms a fifth clone, claiming being a professional sorcerer is more dangerous than it's worth. While the new doppelganger is forming, Satoru acts quickly and uses Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue to take out two people in an instant.

Riko notices that the shikigami haven't been dispelled and Satoru corrects her. They're not shikigami, they're clones of the real technique's caster. Two of the clones get in close to Satoru, but they can't bypass his infinity, making them easy prey for a counterattack. Thanks to the Six Eyes, Satoru is able to read his opponent's cursed technique and decides to divulge his own, allowing him to create a magnetic force that brings the curse user closer to him.

Satoru attempts to unleash the Cursed Technique Reversal of the Limitless, but it doesn't work. He's forced to knock out his opponent with a punch, confusing Riko. Suddenly she gets a text with a picture of Kuroi captured by the enemy.

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