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Hidden Inventory, Part 4 ( (かい) (ぎょく) () Kaigyoku -shi-?) is the sixty-eight chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


With a 30 million yen bounty on Riko Amanai's head, curse users invade her school in an attempt to collect the bounty. Toji Fushiguro's scheme provides free labor for the Star Religious Group while the Star Plasma Vessel's guardians scramble to locate the girl and repel the intruders.

Plot Details

Satoru, Suguru, and Kuroi rush to protect Riko from the intruders.

Toji sits the phone with Shiu Kong while eating at a dumpling stand. He learns that the sorcerers protecting the Star Plasma Vessel have not returned to Jujutsu High. This is good for the Time Vessel Association because now more than just total lunatics will go after the bounty. The representative points out that the thirty million paid to him was a service fee so if someone else kills the Star Plasma Vessel, Toji may end up with nothing. The Sorcerer Killer isn't worried however, he knows the Gojo boy will take care of anyone who comes after them.

Satoru Gojo is the first in a hundred years of the Gojo Family to wield both the Six Eyes and the Limitless cursed technique. Toji's not even sure he could take out the Star Plasma Vessel with Satoru present. He plans on using curse users for the remaining thirty-nine hours of the mission to wear down Gojo's group. It will be free labor since no one will be able to cash in on the bounty. The representative realizes that this makes the limit of two days turn out in their favor. Additionally, it makes it easier for them to gather curse users.

Suguru splits off to confront the enemy.

Toji says that things are moving faster than he expected and he'll be moving out soon as well. He tells the rep to have that thirty million ready, but the man wants to talk about his cut, which disinterests Toji.

At Renchoku Girls' Junior High, Satoru, Suguru, and Kuroi move to find Riko. She is at her music class which is either taking place in the music room or the chapel. Suguru plans on heading straight for the intruders while Satoru and Kuroi split up to find Riko. Satoru is irritated because he wanted to stay close to the girl. Kuroi apologizes, as Riko didn't want to be seen with boys at a girls only school.

A shikigami user comes for the bounty.

Suguru splits off on his own, wondering who these curse users could be with. Without Q around, hired muscle for the Time Vessel Association could be trouble. Suguru makes a turn down a hallway and encounters an old gentlemen who immediately covers his front and rear with shikigami. The curse user recognizes Suguru's uniform and assumes their are multiple opponents. Suguru notices this and understands that his opponent knows what he's doing. His opponent analyzes him as well, recognizing the student's cursed technique is some kind of curse manipulation.

Suguru dispatches a curse user at close quarters.

The old man keeps up conversation with Suguru while plotting to get in close range. Suguru tells him not to waste his time plotting and uses his giant worm-like curse to fill the entire hallway. Suguru believes he's won, but the curse user appears from the window behind him, using the blind spot his opponent created to his advantage. He gets within close range and believes he has the advantage. When curse user was a young student, he had a dog that he thinks of as his life flashes before his eyes.

Suguru dominates the old man in close quarters and beats him senseless with ferocious succession of quick strikes. He recognized that the old man wanted to get in close and states that fighters who are presented with a single way to win are easy to manipulate. He questions the old man, asking if he's aligned with Q or the Time Vessel Association. Satoru and Kuroi continue to head toward Riko, who's currently in the chapel. Close by is the other curse user with the paper bag over his head. He wants to get eel tonight and eat a meal paid for in blood.

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