Hidden Inventory, Part 3 ( (かい) (ぎょく) (さん) Kaigyoku -san-?) is the sixty-seventh chapter of Akutami Gege's Jujutsu Kaisen.


  • Geto is then confronted by a Q soldier, Kokun. Geto easily defeats Kokun, and even shows Kokun that Gojo has defeated his comrade.
  • Megumi's father is seen gambling at a race. Time Vessel Association's mediator joins him; asking him about his progress on killing the Vessel. Megumi's father tells him that he can't easily defeat Gojo, and that the hired hit-men will wear him down. Megumi's father is asked about Megumi, but he does not remember who that is.
  • When Riko wakes up, Geto and Gojo introduce themselves to her. They then start to talk, which Riko explains to them the reason she is so spunky even through she is going to fuse with Tengen.
  • Riko then has them take her to her Junior high, which they contact Masamichi about their circumstance. After talking with Masamichi, they check on the surveillance spirit, which Geto tells Gojo that two have been exorcised. Geto heads out to deal with the intruders while Gojo and Misato looks for Riko.

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