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Hidden Inventory ( (かい) (ぎょく) Kaigyoku?) is the sixty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


A decade ago when Satoru and Suguru Geto were both second-years at Jujutsu High, they're assigned a mission to escort the perfect match for the Star Plasma Vessel.

Plot Details

Satoru abruptly breaks apart the mansion.

Grade 1 sorcerer, Mei Mei, and grade 2 sorcerer Utahime Iori investigate a cursed mansion in Hamamatsu City and get caught within a barrier that overlaps space. This creates a never ending hallway. The girls deduce this after traveling fifteen kilometers without seeing of any of the markers they left behind. The walls are squishy upon impact, making them impenetrable. Utahime decides they should split up and move unpredictably to escape the barrier. Once outside they should be able to attack or call for help.

Before the girls are able to put their plan into action, the house is torn apart by Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue. As Utahime recovers from the sudden eruption, Jujutsu High second-year, Satoru Gojo appears in front of her. He asks if she's crying, annoying Utahime and Mei Mei asks if he would console her should the grade 1 sorcerer cry. Gojo believes Mei Mei wouldn't cry and just before Utahime is able to berate him, a giant curse appears behind her.

Suguru's curse suddenly saves Utahime.

In an even more abrupt moment, an even larger curse spirit appears to devour it. Jujutsu High second year, Suguru Geto, is also present and orders his curse not eat the other one just yet so he can assimilate it later. He tells Satoru its not nice to pick on weaklings like Utahime. Satoru points out that Suguru is teasing Utahime without realizing it and claims nobody would pick on someone who's strong.

Satoru and Suguru's classmate, Shoko Ieiri arrives with them, much to the excitement of Utahime. Apparently Mei Mei and Utahime were trapped in a rare type of barrier that messes with time. The students were sent there since it was strange despite a grade 1 sorcerer appearing. Mei Mei immediately asks where the curtain is, shocking all of the students, who forgot to put a barrier up.

Satoru and Suguru disagree on what it means to be a sorcerer.

Soon after news of the explosion that destroyed the mansion makes the news. Grade 1 sorcerer and first year teacher, Masamichi Yaga, question his three students. One of them said they put up a curtain and then left their auxiliary manager behind. Shoko and Suguru are quick to point Satoru out. Afterward, Satoru complains that curtains are pointless since civilians can't see jujutsu or curses anyway. Suguru argues that its important that regular humans can't see sorcerers to provide peace of mind and hide the existence of curses.

Satoru believes its a pain looking out for the weak but Suguru believes jujutsu exists to protect non-sorcerers. Satoru hates those righteous ideals, annoying Geto. As their argument begins to heat up, Shoko runs away. Masamichi returns to class shortly after and the boys quickly clean up their act. He assigns them a mission together that comes straight from Master Tengen. There is a girl who is a perfect match for Master Tengen, who is known as the Star Plasma Vessel. Yaga tells the boys they must escort the girl to Master Tengen and erase her.

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  • This chapter had the results of the series' first ever character poll.