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It's Like That (そういうこと () Sō iu Koto?) is the sixty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Aoi Todo and Mei Mei put in recommendations to promote the Tokyo Jujutsu High first and second years to grade 1 sorcerers. Meanwhile, Nobara encounters a young girl named Yuko and learns about her relationship with Yuji.

Plot Details

After recommending the other students for grade 1, Aoi and Mei Mei enjoy a game of ping pong.

Anyone who receives recommendations from two or more grade 1 sorcerers will accompany another grade 1 sorcerers on several missions. Based on the outcome of those assignments, the recommended sorcerer will be deemed a semi-grade 1 rank and receive another mission to complete independently. The results of this mission affect the decision to grant or deny grade 1 status.

While playing ping pong with Mei Mei, Aoi shares that he believes Yuji will accept the recommendation and go on missions to increase the likelihood of running into Sukuna fingers. Aoi serves and asks Mei Mei what this might mean. She returns and replies that it means everything but Aoi scores and claims he and Yuji will work on missions together. However, Mei Mei reveals to him that the one who accompanies the sorcerer on their missions can't be the same person who put in the recommendation. This crushes Aoi, allowing Mei Mei to finish the game and leave.

"It's like that?"

In Tokyo, Ijichi takes Megumi back home while Yuji goes off to see a movie and Nobara goes into town for designer clothing. In town, Nobara runs into a girl named Yuko Ozawa. She shows Nobara a picture of her from Junior High graduation. Yuko was much heavier set then and the picture also shows her standing next to Yuji. On that day, Yuko mustered up enough courage to ask him for a picture and essentially admits she has a crush on Yuji to Nobara.

Nobara calls Ijichi and asks for him to drop off Megumi. She wants to know what he'll have to say and denies any inklings of feelings toward Yuji herself. Megumi arrives annoyed to be at the restaurant and Nobara is quick to explain the situation. Interested, Megumi sits down with them and shares he doubts Yuji has a girlfriend based on how he moved from Sendai and the posters of girls in his room. Yuko asks what kind of girls Yuji is into and Megumi remembers him mentioning something about tall girls.

Yuji recognizes Yuko.

Excited, Nobara and Yuko believe she fits into that criteria and they call Yuji to the diner. He arrives quickly, surprising them. Yuko doesn't expect him to recognize her but he instantly does. Yuko recalls overhearing him talk with other boys about how the girl he liked the most was her. Even though she was considered to be fat, Yuji appreciated how elegantly she carried herself.

Yuko appreciated that Yuji saw something in her that she didn't even notice within herself. However, now she feels like she's just being shallow like everyone other than Yuji who judged her. So they leave without telling Yuji the truth, but Nobara got her info. Apparently, the idea of Yuji getting in a relationship before Nobara annoys her either way.

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  • This is the second chapter to have its Japanese title written entirely in Hiragana without using a single Kanji, the first one being Chapter 27.