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Accomplices ( (きょう) (はん) Kyōhan?) is the sixty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Following the deaths of Eso and Kechizu, Yuji and Nobara take a moment to reflect on what it means for them to take a life. Afterward, they meet up with Megumi and close this case for good. Meanwhile, Gojo enacts a plan to promote all of his young proteges.

Plot Details

"I guess that makes us... accomplices."

In the aftermath of the fight against the Death Paintings, Yuji checks to make sure Nobara is alright. She replies that she's fine despite her scarred left arm and the possibility of poison flowing through her body. She wonders if Shoko will be awake and sober to heal her and then notices Yuji is acting weird. Yuji asks if this is the first time Nobara has killed someone instead of exorcising them. Yuji has once before with the transfigured humans but Nobara doesn't really have a problem with it.

Nobara believes since they're jujutsu sorcerers, they must follow their own moral compass. Yuji understands why they had to kill the brothers, but he's still saddened by the fact that Eso was crying for his brother who died in front of him. He took a life and tears were shed, and so Nobara agrees that this makes them accomplices.

Yuji and Nobara return to underneath the bridge, where they find Megumi presumably unconscious. They're worried, but Megumi suddenly wakes up and expresses his gratitude that they're okay. Relieved, Yuji and Nobara yell at Megumi for scaring them. He was lying down with a finger which needs to be sealed as soon as possible. Nobara plans on calling Akari and Yuji offers to eat the finger. Nobara doesn't think he should and Megumi adds that they're unsure how many fingers Yuji can consume.

All three first years make it out of this mission alive.

Megumi hands over the finger because Yuji appears to be the least worn down, but Sukuna creates a mouth on Yuji's palm and devours the finger. Yuji is annoyed since Sukuna didn't even help and realizes what Gojo said about Sukuna leading them to other fingers was nonsense.

On behalf of Aoi Todo and Mei Mei, five Tokyo Jujutsu students are recommended for grade 1.

Two days later, Gojo talks on the phone with Utahime to check on the status of the mole while bragging about the success of his students. Utahime reports isn't able to find any leads outside the students and will continue to look into it. Gojo turns to Mei Mei for another matter. She receives a check from him for ten million yen.

Megumi tells Nobara that Sukuna's incarnation triggered the Yasohachi Bridge curse and asks that she don't tell Yuji. At the same time Sukuna taunts Yuji for causing all those deaths and he tells Sukuna never to tell Megumi.

Aoi Todo and Mei Mei reunite with the Kyoto High Principal. Gakuganji states that special grades are anomalies among jujutsu sorcerers and grade 1 sorcerers are those who uphold the standards of the strongest sorcerers. The level of danger involved on mission and the compensation is far greater than any rank below it, including even semi-grade 1. With that in mind, Gakuganji asks for Aoi and Mei's request. They both put in a recommendation for Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, Maki, and Panda to be promoted to grade 1 sorcerers.

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