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The Origin of Obedience, Part 7 ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) - (しち) - Kishu Raidō -shichi-?) is the sixty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Nobara proves how crazy she can be in the world's most dangerous game of chicken. She backs the Death Paintings into a corner, allowing both her and Yuji to tap into the power bestowed by sparks of black.

Plot Details

Nobara immobilizing Eso and Kechizu in a dangerous game of chicken.

After skewering her own arm using a nail, Nobara taunts her enemies despite her injuries. She claims she knows they don't like pain and suggests they deactivate their Rot Technique. Eso is worried about the implications of a counter technique like this but ultimately decides Nobara will lose a prolonged game of chicken. Straw Doll Technique: Resonance applies cursed energy to cause damage to an opponent's targeted body part. The technique's effectiveness depends on a variety of factors, but Nobara is closely connected to both brothers thanks to the Decay effect on her body.

Eso doesn't believe the sorcerers will be able to move due to the pain and poison from Decay. However, Yuji is immune to poison thanks to Sukuna and begins charging his fist with cursed energy. Nobara uses a second round of resonance to keep the curses immobilized, allowing Yuji to ignore the pain and pummel Kechizu with blazing fists of fury. Worried, Eso calls out his brothers name, prompting Nobara to activate Resonance once again, stopping him from interfering.

Black Flash!!

Yuji and Nobara switch positions and opponents, forcing Eso to consider deactivating the technique before Nobara can finish Kechizu off. Initially Eso believes they'll succumb to Decay before Yuji can kill him, but he notices Kechizu in rough shape and instinctively deactivates Decay. He switches to activating Maximum: Wing King and tries to hit Nobara from behind before she finishes off his little brother.

However, Nobara's focus is sharpened by the pain left over from the decomposition and Yuji stands before Eso, ready to strike him down before Wing King can reach Nobara. Unbeknownst to Eso, Yuji is the center where cursed energy coalesces and the man chosen by the sparks of black. Nobara and Yuji both unleash Black Flash on their targets, dealing incredibly high damage to both brothers, crippling Kechizu and destroying Eso's left arm completely.

Nobara finishes off Kechizu.

Eso doesn't understand how his arm was blown off despite his jujutsu protection and pleads for Kechizu not to die. The younger brother lashes out and tries to kill Nobara, but the Girl of Steel finishes him off by activating Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin. This detonates the nail placed in Kechizu's face, violently exorcising him as a giant spike of cursed energy explodes from the nail and pierces his head.

Nobara tells Kechizu he doesn't have to worry about his big brother because Eso will join him soon enough.

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