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The Origin of Obedience, Part 6 ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) - (ろく) - Kishu Raidō -roku-?) is the sixtieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Nobara face off against the brothers born as Death Painting Wombs. When the sorcerers are cursed by their opponents blood, the Girl of Steel finds the perfect way to counterattack.

Plot Details

Yuji using his insane speed to carry Nobara away from Eso's wings of blood.

Akari Nitta goes to check on the students in bed and notices they're all gone. She tries to call them to no avail and gets in her car to search for them.

Elsewhere, Eso activates Rot Technique, Maximum: Wing King, sprouting insect-like wings made from his toxic blood. He states his opponents will suffer death by wasp as they prepare to deal with this new ability. They're forced to flee as Eso sends lines of poisonous blood to chase after them. Nobara isn't able to get away fast enough so Yuji carries her and escapes using his extreme speed. Yuji is able to zig zag through the forest to quickly lose Eso. Even so, the curse doesn't seem to be afraid.

Yuji and Nobara marked by Rot Technique Decay.

Just after, Nobara thanks Yuji for helping her out, they're abruptly ambushed by Kechizu. Yuji quickly realized Kechizu took the straight route to pursue them while Yuji went around. While Nobara is concerned with Yuji, she's hit from behind by Eso's Wing King. Having caught up with his opponents, Eso explains that their acidic blood isn't too lethal but it does hurt like hell.

Eso activates Rot Technique Decay, which creates floral patterns across the spots on the sorcerer's bodies that were hit by the blood. Yuji believes that this is poison but Eso clarifies that its actually having a decomposing effect on their bodies. With the advantage clearly in hand, Eso asks what they will do next. He recalls talking to his older brother about Jujutsu Sorcerers not being anything special.

Three brothers living for each other and existing as one.

In the Meiji Era, there was a girl who bore a child born of the mixed blood of both cursed spirit and human. She was ostracized by family and fled to a temple ran by Noritoshi Kamo, the most evil sorcerer in history. There were nine pregnancies and nine abortions and all records of this were erased. However, the Death Painting Wombs do not remember their mother and have no hatred toward jujutsu sorcerers. For 150 years Death Painting Wombs 1-3 existed sealed away with only each other by their side.

"I'm a bad match for you!"

When they were finally incarnated, the three brothers decided to side with Mahito. The oldest brother, Choso, instructed them to live for each other and agreed to fight for a future the cursed spirits have painted for them. Returning his focus on his opponents, Eso says he can kill them to relieve the agony if they would like. However, Nobara expectedly begins laughing. She admits the curses are strong but claims she's a terrible match of for them.

Nobara activates Straw Doll Technique: Resonance and stabs herself in the wrist, injuring both Eso and Kechizu. As blood drips from her impaled wrist, Nobara smiles with excitement over her success and asks that they engage in a game of chicken.

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