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The Origin of Obedience, Part 5 ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) - () - Kishu Raidō -go-?) is the fifty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi's victory comes at the cost of the rest of his stamina. Delirious, he recalls his time in middle school with Tsumiki, and apologizes for not appreciating her kindness sooner. Meanwhile, Yuji and Nobara begin their battle against the brothers born from the Death Painting Womb.

Plot Details

Megumi was known for bullying the bullies back in Junior High.

Bloody and exhausted from the battle as the Domain fades away, Megumi looks around for his allies as he holds Sukuna's finger. Sukuna can see what happened through the finger and he's very impressed with the results. Megumi vomits and collapses shortly after. He recalls his time in middle school putting punks in their place. He told them that the basis for human interaction is never crossing any line that violates someone else's dignity. The punks don't even know why Megumi beat them up as he sits on a giant pile of their beaten bodies.

Old man Takeda comes to break it up as Megumi walks away and passes a group of students who were bullied. They quickly realize the bullies have been beaten up but Tsumiki isn't happy that Megumi keeps picking fights. She hits him with a milk carton that accidentally opens and spills on his head after he makes a comment that good people are gross.

Nobara takes on the Death Painting Womb.

When Megumi was in first grade, his father and Tsumiki's mom got married and separated immediately. Gojo visited him and explained that he was sold to the Zenin family but he would receive support from Jujutsu High in exchange for working as a sorcerer. Naturally, Megumi resented the white haired man and jujutsu sorcerers.

Drenched in milk, Megumi walks away from his guilty sister. She's joined by her friends who ask her to go the bridge with them. Shortly after Megumi became a third-year, Tsumiki was cursed and still sleeps to this day. Tsumiki was a kind girl who chose to care about Megumi despite his downfalls. Back in current time under the bridge, Megumi apologizes and asks his sister to wake up. However, her sleeping curse is a matter separate from the Yasohachi Bridge curse. Shortly after, Megumi falls asleep from exhaustion.

Death by Wasp!

Nobara and the Eso both notice the Domain has disappears and figures that whoever defeated the Finger Bearer must be injured. Eso rushes to the finger but Nobara tries to stop him. He moves backwards to avoid the pursuing girl his back and threatens to kill her if she does. Suddenly, Kechizu appears behind Eso with Yuji in chase, meaning they can both see the grotesque face on his back. Upset, Eso threatens to kill Yuji, but Nobara acts quickly and cracks him in the back of the head with her hammer.

Nobara asks why he's dressed so strangely and he claims his back gets stuffy otherwise. She also notices that the strange smell in the area is emanating from Eso's back. He activates his Rot Technique, Maximum: Wing King, allowing him to sprout wasp-like wings made of black blood.

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