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The Origin of Obedience, Part 4 ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) - () - Kishu Raidō -shi-?) is the fifty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi's growth is tested against an enemy he once ran away from before. Inspired by recent words of wisdom from Gojo sensei, Megumi abandons his restraints and allows his true power to run wild.

Plot Details

This curse proves much stronger than the one from the Detention Center.

The Sukuna fingers that possess an immense presence, are hiding, or have been absorbed by cursed sprits are all resonating. This particular finger was hidden and activated when Yuji consumed another finger. This special grade curse looks the same as the detention center but its far more powerful, able to shatter Megumi's cursed tool with a single blast of cursed energy.

The curse uses it's extreme speed to out maneuver Megumi but Divine Dog: Totality is fast enough to grab Megumi out of the way. He plans on summoning Nue but the curse blitzes pass Megumi before he can summon his shikigami.

Recently, Megumi asked Gojo to train him due the pressure of Yuji's growth. Gojo actually believes that Megumi's skill and potential are higher than Yuji's and just the mental aspect is holding him back. Gojo suggests that Megumi doesn't know how to bring out his best. Irritated, Megumi asks if his teacher doesn't believe he's doing his best but Gojo corrects him. Gojo believes Megumi doesn't know how to try his best.

"No matter how many allies you have around you.. you'll always die alone!"

Megumi sacrificed himself in the baseball game to allow Nobara to advance while people like Yuji are always swinging for the fences. While baseball is a team sport being a jujutsu sorcerer is an individual job. Gojo states that no matter how many allies a sorcerer has around them they will always die alone. Megumi is only trying to judge and match those around him rather than picturing a stronger future version of himself. Megumi believes he has an ace up his sleeve where he'd be able to sacrifice himself but Gojo emphasizes the difference between dying then winning and dying victoriously. He encourages his student to give it his all because its okay to be selfish.

Megumi stops playing it safe and allows his crazy imagination flow.

Unconscious, Megumi awakens from this dream of recollection where he was training with Gojo. Divine Dog was dispelled while Megumi was hit and he's badly injured. He begins to decide to sacrifice himself using this ace, but recalls Sukuna suggesting Megumi is wasting his potential. Rather than go through with sacrificing himself, Megumi decides to picture a future version of himself that has surpassed his limits. A jujutsu sorcerer's growth never comes easy, but with a firm base, high skill and free flowing imagination, they can change due to even the slightest of events. Impassioned and crazed, Megumi activates Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden!

Megumi goes beyond his limits and activates Domain Expansion!

The Domain is incomplete, but its still able to flood the floor with Megumi's shadow spawning darker versions of Megumi's shikigami. Megumi pushes his limits and freely imagines himself stronger than he ever believed before. He uses the abilities granted to him by the Domain in new ways by thinking bigger. The curse appears blasts away the Domain with a powerful explosion of cursed energy and it believes it has won. However, Megumi and Divine Dog: Totality appear from its shadow and exorcise it from behind. Divine Dog's claws were capable of harming Hanami, so this curse was no match. Victorious, Megumi's crazed expression fades into exhaustion.

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