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The Origin of Obedience, Part 3 ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) - (さん) - Kishu Raidō -san-?) is the fifty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The first-years split up to take on the different enemies. Yuji battles a grotesque curse with the ability to spit poisonous blood while Megumi and Nobara play a game of cursed whack-a-mole. Once again things are shaken up as the case begins to connect to Sukuna's fingers.

Plot Details

Yuji faces off with the newcomer.

The Death Painting Womb spits acidic blood at Yuji but he's able to avoid it. He kicks the curse away and ponders the blood it spat out at him. The curse is surprised by how strong Yuji is. At the same time, Nobara tries to use Straw Doll Technique: Resonance on the spots where the other curse is popping in and out of. Many of them explode but the curse itself is able to avoid being hit by rapidly appearing in different spots.

Nobara claims they should play it like whack-a-mole and Megumi agrees that she should keep trying to crush the exists. In exchange for its cursed technique's wide range, the main body doesn't seem to be able to retaliate. Megumi originally believed the curse would be stronger due to the number of victims, but in reality the effected area and the barrier hiding the Domain appear to be draining on the curse's main body. In that case, the curse Yuji is fighting against might be the real threat.

Nobara and Megumi fight to exorcise the curse.

Suddenly, another cursed spirit reaches into the Domain and pulls Nobara out. Megumi yells out to her and tries to rescue his friend, but she tells him not to worry as she's dragged out. The curse Yuji is facing off against notices his "older brother" and leaves the Domain as well. Megumi tells Yuji to chase after it outside the barrier to save Nobara.

Nobara is taken back outside into the forest by a new fighter. She forces him to back off with her hammer and notices that she can't tell if he's a cursed spirit or curse user. The strange man has a unique appearance and reveals that he and his brother's errand doesn't include killing sorcerers. Nobara doesn't know what he means by errand, but he believes they're both here for the same reason.

Another cursed spirit containing Sukuna's finger appears.

Megumi continues to fight against the tunneling curse, claiming its surprises are too simple. It avoids Megumi's sword but gets slashes apart by Divine Dog: Totality. The curse is exorcised and all the exists disappear, giving Megumi a moment to rest. However, a new tunnel appears and Megumi notices the Domain isn't gone yet either. Megumi realizes that the first cursed death in this case was in June, the same time Sukuna incarnated.

A special grade curse, just like the one in the detention center appears before Megumi. It carries the Sukuna finger that the Death Painting Wombs are looking for.

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