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The Origin of Obedience ( () (しゅ) (らい) (どう) Kishu Raidō?) is the fifty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of the Goodwill Event, Jujutsu High's first-years are sent out on their next mission. Along with Akari Nitta, they investigate the mysterious deaths connected to Megumi's old junior high school. Meanwhile, Mahito manifests one of the Death Painting Wombs.

Plot Details

A cursed spirit appears where an auto-lock doors have been left wide open.

In June, Taichi Kanada, a resident of Morioka complained to his building management that the auto lock doors to his apartment entrance are stuck wide open. None of the other residents haven't noticed an issue, but Taichi demands they inspect it now. While complaining over the phone, a cursed spirit appeared behind him and stabbed Taichi to death.

In August, Osamu Shimada was killed in Yokohama and Hiroshi Yamato was killed under the same circumstances as well in September while staying in Nagoya. Akari Nitta, Auxiliary Manager for Jujutsu High explains this to the three-first years as she drives them to their mission site. Megumi points out that all the dates and locations are different and questions the idea that the same cursed spirit have traveled so far.

Akari adds that there is another thread that connects the three. They all attended the same junior high for two years. The most likely explanation is that the three of them were cursed and it took all these years to manifest. Akari takes them to a funeral where they can speak to classmate who knew all three victims. Akari was unaware there was going to be a funeral and reveals that this means he died the same way as the other three. He was killed on his front entrance where his door wouldn't open.

The sorcerers investigate Megumi's old stomping grounds.

Next, they move to investigate Saitama Urami East Junior High themselves. Nobara notices some punks smoking and says they should beat them up and question them. The boys notice the group and immediately bow in respect while apologizing for not greeting them properly. Yuji and Nobara both smirk, proud of themselves for their strong aura. However, the boys are bowing to Megumi, who they haven't seen since graduation. Megumi acts aloof, but Nobara and Yuji pester him. They ask the boys for answers and its revealed that Megumi has beaten up half the punks in this area. Megumi continues to act like he doesn't know what's going on, causing his peers to pester him more.

One of the school faculty appears to question why strangers are on school ground. Akari explains they have a permit and Megumi speaks to Takeda directly. It has been twenty years since the four victims graduated and Megumi wonders if they had any karma coming to them. The punks from earlier ask if bungee jumping from Yasohachi Bridge would qualify. Yasohachi Bridge is a place known for suicides and is a hot spot for paranormal activity. Takeda also recalls that Junior High students like to test its merit by bungee jumping from it.

Mahito inquires about the nature of the Death Painting Wombs.

The boys claim it was an older generation thing that the kids don't do anymore, but they still hear the stories. One day, four students who didn't show up to school or return home the previous night were found unconscious below the bridge. Megumi has been there before since Jujutsu High goes to paranormal hot spots often. There was nothing special last time he went, but Nobara and Akari agree they should head there anyway.

One of the Death Painting Wombs incarnates.

Before the sorcerers depart, Takeda asks Megumi how Tsumiki is. He replies that she's fine and Yuji asks who she is. Megumi reveals that Tsumiki is his sister and Nobara is annoyed that he never tells them anything about himself.

Meanwhile, Mahito and Pseudo-Geto meet over their recently obtained cursed objects: Death Painting Wombs No. 1-3. Mahito asks why Jujutsu High doesn't destroy these cursed objects and Geto explains that they can't do it when the cursed object is special grade. The most they can do is halt its life stream and prevent it from doing further damage. Sukuna's fingers are an exception as they can still attract curses after all this time and choose its vessel. On the contrary, the Death Painting Wombs can manifest in anyone.

A normal human unable to see curses even in this life threatening situation is chosen to manifest one of the wombs. Mahito does so by forcing the womb down his throat, transforming him into a cursed spirit. At the same time, the three Jujutsu High first-years arrive at Yasohachi Bridge.

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