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Jujutsu Koshien ( (じゅ) (じゅつ) (こう) () (えん) Jujutsu Kōshien?) is the fifty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Gojo and all the students decide that despite all the fighting, the Goodwill Event should continue. In order to finally settle the score between students, the event is reorganized into... a game of baseball!?

Plot Details

Aoi vouches for the Goodwill Event to continue.

Satoru Gojo meets with all the students to decide if they should continue the Goodwill Event. A lot happened and some people died, making Yuji and some others hesitate. However, Aoi speaks up and says they should continue the event. Surprising everyone, Aoi makes several solid points as to why they should continue, which everyone else agrees as well.

In another twist, Gojo decides to forgo the individual portion of the event and has Yuji draw another team event at random. Yuji ends up picking baseball, to the surprise of both principals who were trying to keep up traditions. The baseball game begins with Miwa batting while Utahime and Momo argue about the rules. Kamo comes up to bat next and asks Yuji, the catcher, why he became a jujutsu sorcerer.

Maki intentionally hits Aoi in the face with the baseball.

Yuji explains that he wants to help people and so that he won't die alone. Noritoshi only became a jujutsu sorcerer to help his mother, so he understands the reasoning. Impressed with Yuji, Noritoshi decides not to swing and is easily struck out by Maki. The teams switch sides and Nobara steps up to bat while Mechamaru controls a pitching machine. Angry by the her rival's advantage, Nobara confronts Mai at first base before managing to hit the ball while up to bat.

Megumi sacrifices himself on a bunt so Nobara can move up a base and then Panda and Maki capitalize, helping the team appear to score three runs. However, as Momo uses her broom to catch Maki's ball. The Tokyo students argue that's cheating while Aoi steps up to bat. He wants to face Yuji, who's the pitcher rather than the catcher, which annoys Maki, who strikes him in the face with the ball. Almost everyone congratulates her on the pitch, and Yuji realizes just how hated Todo is.

The Goodwill Event concludes with Tokyo as the victor.

While the game goes on, the two principals speak about Yuji. Gakuganji admits he doesn't hate Yuji it's simply that the rules mean his presence cannot be condoned. Sukuna could cause mass death but Yaga believes Yuji could save even more potential lives as a sorcerer. All sorcerer's experience a lot of regrets, like Yaga does with his former student, Suguru Geto. This makes it important for the teachers to support the students for now because their regrets as adults can wait.

As the baseball game comes to a close, Yuji hits a home run that helps Toge score. The 30th Annual Kyoto Goodwill Event finally concludes with Tokyo High as the winner.

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