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Completion ( (かん) (すい) Kansui?) is the fifty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of the fights between sorcerers and cursed spirits, both sides regroup. The evildoers plan on continuing with their schedule while the sorcerers of Jujutsu High try to pick up the pieces. At first, they seem to think to cancel the Goodwill Event is the best course of action. However, they may have one last chance to settle the score between the students.

Plot Details

Mahito stops the curse user from getting any ideas.

Somewhere deep in a swamp away from Jujutsu High, the Haruta Shigemo regrets being unable to do anything on the mission. However, he adds that compared to himself, Hanami is working too hard. In terrible shape with half his body missing, Hanami collapses.

The curse user draws his sword but Mahito puts the human back in his place and confirms he was able to steal two sets of special grade cursed objects that were sealed away. He was able to steal the six Sukuna's fingers as well as Death Painting Wombs No. 1-3.

Hanami admits that Mahito was right about curses embracing their killing intent.

Suguru helped plan the mission ahead of time by plotting a way through Tengen's Barrier. By placing Mahito's cursed energy on one of the fingers Jujutsu High took, it was simple to find the vault. They also planned on using the Curtain as a distraction so Mahito could steal the items without being noticed by Gojo.

Hanami was originally going to kill students alongside the distraction but Pseudo-Geto felt there was a landmine among them for Sukuna. With this mission, the evildoers put in place the first stages of their plan to seal Satoru Gojo away on October 31st in Shibuya.

"I'll surpass you!"

In the present following the end of the mission, Mahito helps Hanami back to his feet and heads back to their hideout. Hanami admits that it's difficult for curses to quell their killing intent, satisfying Mahito, who says Hanami is sounding more like a cursed spirit.

At Tokyo Jujutsu High, Ijichi reads off the list of casualties and confirms that Mahito was involved. They also confirm the cursed objects were taken by him. Unfortunately, Juzo doesn't provide any useful information as a captive under interrogation, only saying that he was tricked by a monk. Gojo believes they were able to sneak past Tengen's barrier using plants since it was designed to hide the school rather than protect it. With everything that has occurred, the Principals decide it might be best to cancel the Goodwill Event. However, Gojo claims its not for them to decide.

The Goodwill Event will be decided... by a game of Baseball!

Meanwhile, in the healing ward, Yuji and Nobara visit Megumi while he eats. Nobara asks what's going on with Yuji and Aoi but the latter claims he wasn't exactly himself. Yuji expresses that he's glad Megumi was able to recover since he was out of cursed energy, allowing Shoko to remove the Cursed Bud. Megumi realizes that Yuji has gotten stronger and claims he'll surpass him. Impressed, Aoi suddenly appears and claims that he expects such from his brother's friends.

Yuji runs away from Aoi, unable to explain their bond now that his mindset has returned to normal. In the following days, the Goodwill Event is reorganized into a baseball game between the two schools.

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