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Nonstandard ( () (かく) (がい) Kikaku-gai?) is the fifty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The battle that interrupted the Goodwill Event comes to a climactic end as Satoru Gojo joins the fight. However, Mahito's group continues its schemes in the background amongst all the chaos.

Plot Details

Gojo looks over the entire battlefield.

As Juzo uses his axe to deflect soundwaves of cursed energy sent at him by Gakuganji, the curse user realizes the old man's cursed technique amplifies the music he plays and launches it.

Juzo believes that his technique makes him a predictable mid-ranged fighter. At the same time, Utahime continues further into the school towards the battlefield. She calls Momo who has reached Shoko with Miwa, along with the others. Due to the nature of the curtain, reception is still working on phones.

Utahime is interrupted when she's suddenly attacked by a curse user wielding a hand-sword. Nobara and Mai arrive to back her up when the curtain suddenly disappears. The curse user is forced to flee as Juzo looks up to see Satoru Gojo floating high in the sky.

"I'll start... with you!"

Gojo surveys the entire battlefield with his high vantage point in the sky. He notices Yuji looking at him and is surprised to see how strong he's grown. As Aoi makes sense working well with Yuji, Gojo figures they'll be okay on their own for a while.

Instead, Gojo starts by confronting Juzo. Gakuganji quickly yells for Gojo not to kill the curse user. In seconds, Gojo destroys all Juzo's limbs, instantly immobilizing him. He asks Gakauganji to get him healed for questioning while thinking over the situation.

Hollow Technique: Purple!

Gojo noticed the curse user who attacked Utahime has fled and Hanami will likely follow suit. To prevent the special grade from escaping, Gojo decides to get a little crazy, simultaneously activating the Limitless technique, Reversal: Red as well as the strengthened Limitless Technique: Blue.

"Mission accomplished."

Hanami attempts to leave the area, claiming he's not proud enough to face Gojo. Yuji tries to pursue but Aoi stops him, fearing his new friend will become collateral damage. Gojo unleashes the Limitless Hollow Technique: Purple, a giant blast created by a warp in space-time that hollows out a large majority of the forest. The fissure created by the attack is so ridiculously large that Aoi can't even tell if the cursed spirit was exorcised.

Meanwhile, Mahito escapes one of the vaults on campus, worried about if Hanami is okay. He murders two members of the school's staff on his way out, stating the mission has been accomplished.

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