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A Flower Offering ( () (かん) Kuge?) is the fifty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Aoi's back and forth battle against Hanami reaches its climax. Using his cursed technique in different ways, Aoi is able to corner Hanami. Prepared to pull out all the stops, Hanami is interrupted when a key player shows up on the battlefield.

Plot Details

Hanami continues to relish in the thrill of the fight.

Yuji and Aoi's fight against Hanami rages on. Hanami begins to anticipate the switches as he gets used to Aoi's cursed technique, Boogie Woogie. Despite losing a bit of their advantage, Yuji and Aoi remain confident they can exorcise the curse thanks to the damage Hanami took earlier from Yuji's Black Flash rush.

Despite his injuries, Hanami goes all out and continues to relish in the thrill of battle. He summons a giant flower filled with Cursed Buds and launches them at his enemies. Aoi switches with Hanami to get Yuji out of the way and prepares to deflect the buds with protective cursed energy. However, within 0.01 seconds, Aoi thinks about a fake memory with Takada-chan where she tells him that the buds grew into Megumi because of his cursed energy. By disengaging his jujutsu protection, Aoi is able to withstand the Cursed Buds and thanks Takada.

Aoi crushes Hanami with Playful Cloud!

Yuji and Aoi press their attack again and Aoi reveals more about his Boogie Woogie cursed technique. He can use it to switch with anything that possesses cursed energy. Aoi also points out that they've returned to the river where their battle first started. He uses his cursed technique to switch Yuji with Maki's Playful Cloud, arming Aoi with the special grade cursed tool.

Time's up!

Megumi left Playful Cloud in the river and revealed to Aoi that the branches on Hanami's face are his weak point. Confused, Yuji is sent to the river while Aoi breaks Hanami's face with a powerful strike from Playful Cloud. Hanami is barely able to withstand the blow and nearly counters with a spiked root that Aoi is able to evade.

The trees around them begin to wither and die as the flower on Hanami's shoulder absorbs the plant's life and converts it into cursed energy. The eye of the flower opens and begins to charge a large focused beam of cursed energy. Hanami knows avoiding this attack would be simple for Aoi, so he begins to activate his Domain Expansion.

However, the curtain surrounding the school disappears and the fighters notice Satoru Gojo floating above them.

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  • The volume version of this chapter has page 17 split into 3 pages, making this chapter 21 pages long in the volume.