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Feeling ( () (かん) Yokan?) is the fiftieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Powerful, smart, and misunderstood, Aoi was bored with the world in his youth. However, thanks to people like Yuji, he would never be bored for long. Thanks to Aoi's simple and effective cursed technique, he and Yuji are able to gain the upper hand on Hanami.

Plot Details

Aoi calculating his way to victory.

Back in third grade, Aoi beat up a high schooler with a bad attitude. Although Aoi was bored by the scuffle, a woman accompanied by a curse watching nearby congratulates him and asks what kind of girls he liked. Despite his mundane life, Aoi always had the feeling he wouldn't be bored for long.

In the present, Aoi announces he's going to release his cursed technique. He asks that Yuji believe in him and fight as hard as possible. Within just a second, Aoi reviews all of Hanami's attacks and decides the outcome should be victory thanks to Yuji's help.

Aoi overpowers Hanami using his cursed technique.

Immediately as the tandem of sorcerers begins their offense, Aoi's foot is caught by a root and he's swung around. Hanami attacks Yuji while Aoi appears to pay dearly for his mistake, slammed into a spike. However, at the last moment, Aoi uses his cursed technique to trade places with Hanami. The cursed spirit gets pierced by his own spiked roots and realizes that Aoi's cursed technique is simple but troublesome.

Aoi explains that his cursed technique: Boogie Woogie, which allows him to trade places with someone else. He divulges his technique to make it stronger, revealing that it's activated when he claps. Yuji is concerned but Aoi asks that they finish the fight before Hanami adjusts. By constantly trading places with Yuji, Aoi throws off Hanami's judgment. With Aoi's cursed technique, they're able to repeatedly strike Hanami to the point where he can't escape their onslaught.

Yuji unleashes Black Flash four times in a row!

While Hanami is open, Yuji prepares to attack with another strike of Black Flash. According to Nanami using Black Flash isn't amazing because a sorcerer enters a zone similar to what athletes experience. This allows them to continuously use it because the thinking process revolving around jujutsu becomes like breathing. Nanami was able to use Black Flash four times, which is a record.

Aoi watches proudly, nearly brought to tears as Yuji unleashes three consecutive strikes using Black Flash. Hanami tries to avoid a fourth strike as Aoi approaches from the rear. Aoi claps and Hanami anticipates the switch. However, Aoi doesn't actually activate his technique and Yuji lands a fourth Black Flash.

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