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Start ( (はじ) まり Hajimari?) is the fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Nobara and Yuji fight off the cursed spirits haunting an abandoned house. They manage to save a young boy inside and Nobara shows her convictions. Elsewhere, a cursed womb begins to nurse a special grade curse.

Plot Details

Nobara is pitted against a more intelligent curse.

Nobara throws her cursed nails into the cursed mannequins head and blows it apart with cursed energy. After appearing to exorcise the last curse, she notices a little boy hiding in the corner. He refuses to come out and she chalks it up to her being too intimidatingly beautiful. She leaves to find Yuji, but the boy calls out her not to leave. Nobara turns back around and is horrified to discover the boy is being held hostage by a more intelligent curse.

This curse is low level but it has high enough intelligence to turn this situation against Nobara. She lays down her weapons and wishes she could see someone named Saori one last time. Suddenly, Yuji bursts through the wall and rescues the boy by chopping up the spirit's arm using his new weapon.

Nobara finishes off the curse using her Straw Doll Technique.

Despite the boy being rescued, the curse nearly gets away. Nobara uses her cursed technique to exorcise the fleeing monster and proves to Gojo sensei that she's plenty crazy. Yuji asks why Nobara wants to be a shaman and she explains that it was a chance to move to Tokyo and stay true to herself. Back home she knew a girl who was from the city, a girl named Saori.

Elsewhere, a cursed womb starts to grow a special grade cursed spirit. In July 2018, there's a report of three students going to deal with the curse. Of those three students... one died.

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