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Constrained ( (きゅう) (くつ) Kyūkutsu?) is the forty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


After unleashing Black Flash, Yuji's strength grows to a new level. Aoi backs him up as they take on Hanami's full power. As the fight intensifies and Hanami attempts to teach the tandem of sorcerers to appreciate the earth, the cursed spirit begins to find enjoyment in the thrill of the fight.

Plot Details

"So... shall we get to cooking?!"

Yuji's Black Flash blows Hanami's arms apart with its impact as Aoi watches proudly from the side. Yuji is surprised by the essence of his cursed energy. Aoi notices this and compares Yuji to a chef who's been haphazardly cooking ingredients they're not familiar with. With Black Flash, Yuji has learned to harness his cursed energy and now is on a different level of power than he was a few moments ago. Aoi congratulates Yuji because now he's assured to be strong.

Confused, Hanami was told Sukuna's vessel was a sub-par sorcerer and he's also still very cautious of Aoi's presence. As Hanami heals, Aoi reveals to Yuji that special grades can effortlessly heal using their own cursed energy. However, Hanami's cursed energy is wavering and the duo of best friends pose for battle, ready to get cooking.

Yuji and Aoi work together to fight Hanami.

Impressed by his opponent's strength, Hanami removes his robe, revealing his black arm attached to a rosebud growing out of his shoulder. Hanami admits he needs to try harder and instantly unleashes a torrent of wooden branches which Aoi and Yuji are narrowly able to avoid. Yuji is amazed by the attack range but Aoi tells him that the cursed spirit sacrifices their power and speed in exchange.

Hanami morphs out of the branches and fires Cursed Buds from is fingers which the sorcerers are also able to avoid. They counter with a double straight that damages Hanami's jujutsu guard. Just as they prepare to follow up, their footing disappears.

Hanami allows himself to enjoy the thrill of battle.

The branches that Hanami appeared to be manipulating were actually created by jujutsu and were dispelled instantly. Hanami balances himself on a wooden ball while Aoi and Yuji fall. He attempts to skewer them both, but the duo kick-off of one another to dodge the wooden spikes protruding from the ball.

Hanami begins to notice that he's enjoying the fight. He recalls a conversation with Mahito where the patch-faced cursed spirit encouraged Hanami to give in to his instincts as a cursed spirit, believing that doing so would make him even more powerful. Hanami stuns the enemy tandem with a field of flowers and follows up with a sudden torrent of branches. While the sorcerers evade and the fight rages on, Hanami admits to himself that he's having fun. Aoi checks up on his protégé and decides that it's time to release his cursed technique!

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